April 10, 2010

The Beauty of Aging

For many years I’ve had a vision of how I want to be when I grow old and I’ve looked forward to this time in my life. I’m even a little excited to be an old woman. Sounds strange, I know. I think it stems from always having had a fondness for older people. Among other things I like to observe how they have maneuvered through their lives and hear of the wisdom they have gathered along the way.

In addition to this, I’ve always thought that older faces are beautiful. Etched with an amazing patina of wrinkles, they are a work of art. I think that aging is incredible and I hope that someday as a culture we will grow to understand this a little more. It seems that all the messages in our media are about the glorification of youth. It’s all about how to look younger, how to chase our youth. Hardly anyone is talking about the beauty of aging. No one is talking about what a gift it is it to allow ourselves to be right where we are supposed to be.

Lines of Beauty is the celebration of aging naturally, and gracefully. It’s about embracing growing older instead of dreading it. Lines of Beauty is a conversation. I hope you will share your thoughts, photos, and the stories that you have about the beauty of aging.

Photo by Elkor


  1. I can't wait to hear more. This is lovely!

  2. What a beautiful conversation. I was surrounded by beautiful, smiling wrinkled faces in my childhood and STILL find myself pausing at the mirror pondering "what to do" about my papery eyelids that rest on my eyelashes.

  3. Louise,

    I love, love, love your site! What a wonderful concept and what a beautiful woman you have pictured above. I too have always loved and appreciated the wisdom of older people. They have taught me so much along the way, and yes, their maneuvering is a lesson we should all pay attention to and learn. So beautiful...thank you for putting your energy into a topic that has required attention for a long time. Thank you to all those older and wiser than me, you are wondrous teachers:)

  4. Louise
    What a great idea! Very refreshing for a change. It is my hope that i will only get better with age. I look forward to reading more!
    Congratulations to you and your new venture!

  5. I have to chime in with everyone else--yes! This is wonderful.

    This line sings: "No one is talking about what a gift it is it to allow ourselves to be right where we are supposed to be."

    I think we're not talking about it (call me straw man if you must!) because we have such an overwhelming profit motive attached to aging. If we celebrate the self as is, what profit is to be made? Ug. But I honestly believe that freedom and self love are found in the gift you mention. Thank you so much for starting this conversation.

  6. Louisa!!! This blog will be an amazing tribute to the beauty of growing older. I turned 38 in January and, like Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally, I must admit that I have thought way too much about the fact that I'll soon be "40". Looking forward to reading more....xo

  7. Hey Louise,
    Great site and idea.
    Ever since I can remember I've thought about how it would be to be old; to grow old. Nothing specific, but it's always sitting quietly in the back of my mind. It pops up in my art work now and again too. At 51 I don't feel old. As Mark Twain is supposed to have said "age is a matter of mind; if you don't mind it doesn't matter". I don't mind the wrinkles but I thought I'd stop breaking out with pimples by now!! Chris xoxoxoxo

  8. Hey Louise,

    I actually haven't thought a lot about how I'll age -- for better or worse. One of the most beautiful women I knew -- inside and out -- was my grandmother, who had lots of wrinkles, "smile lines" and even those prickly little annoying facial hairs. Didn't stop her from loving endlessly, smiling and laughing always, and being just about the best darn hugger in the whole world!

    I love your concept and look forward to reading more. You're unbelievably creative, and I admire that whole heartedly! What fun!

  9. Louise,

    This is a wonderful blog! I too think about how beautiful it is to age gracefully!
    Actually I have been thinking about it alot lately.
    I said to myself just the other day when I was looking in the mirror getting ready for work....."I can't wait to see myself as an old lady.....it will be so neat"!
    Why resist what is inevitable? We are all meant to get wrinkles and have bodies that are not meant to look like we are 20 years old.
    It is the evolution of aging.

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think you are a remarkable woman for starting it.