January 25, 2011

Make-up artist Bobbi Brown and Susan Saint James Ebersol

I had an entirely different post ready for today but then saw this great clip on the Today Show yesterday with celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown and her good friend Susan Saint James Ebersol, of McMillan and Wife fame, and had to post it first.

Among other things, the two friends (ages 53 and 65) discuss feeling confident and well while aging with grace. It is very good, and worth watching if you missed it. Susan talks about the inspiration she has received from her 95-year-old mother, and Bobbi gives some great make-up tips for women over 50. She also mentioned a phrase for women who have had cosmetic work done- she calls it "wiping away your face" which was so great, but made me think of something else to call it. How about "erase your face"?  I like the image of this even better.

Once you click on the video, under "options" you can click on "full screen" for a better view.

Enjoy the clip and have a nice week everyone.


5/19/11  Post Script:
Susan Saint James recently signed up to play a guest role on the new USA legal series Suits. She is married to Dick Ebersol who resigned today from his post as chairman of the NBC Sports Group which runs the Olympics.