Courage Coaching

What Are You Yearning For?

I coach clients in personal mind, body and spiritual fitness, to help them overcome obstacles that are preventing health, wellness and happiness in their lives.

I guide clients who are committed to growth and coach them to create a new path for themselves. This new path sometimes includes helping clients change self-defeating habits and fearful, self-deprecating conversations with themselves. It allows for their desires to become reality.

I also coach clients in navigating difficult situations, challenging times, as well as hard relationships in their lives.

I am a courage coach. I help my clients look at what is hard in their lives and what is holding them back from creating more ease and fulfillment.

Sometimes this is about learning to not hit the edit button with their communications or no longer getting tripped up with everyone else’s needs and being a people-pleaser.

There is wonderful magic that happens when we give up the need to be liked.

Quite often coaching is looking at what we are tolerating in our lives that keeps us from having what we are longing for.

It is about breaking up the paralysis in life, that keeps us from having what we truly desire.

I meet with clients on the phone, via Zoom, Skype or taking walks together (if you are in the Boston area) or a combination.

Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life and on how you will achieve it. The coaching relationship is like this. My goal is to gain a relationship of trust with you and to create a plan together for whatever changes you are ready to make.

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***A Boston area life coach, who also walks with clients.***