May 29, 2016

And Then

I got the job.

Soon an ad agency, their camera crew and food company branding people will descend upon my life for 2 days to film a docu-ad for a well known company's new energy drink.

They found me right here on Lines of Beauty.

It feels very surreal.

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be in a commercial, especially at age 55.

I am not an actress ( I don't think)- I'm just being hired to share how I see life and tell my story.

I keep telling myself this- that all I have to do is be myself and tell my story.

Sometimes the magnitude of what is about to happen though feels a bit overwhelming.

But underneath it all, it feels like me and the right decision.

But holy shit.

May 22, 2016


Some quotes are so good and this is one of them.

For sure when we think about doing something that is new and exciting, but scares us, it's a telltale sign that we should take the leap.

Especially now, as the years are ticking by, so quickly.

Really, what's the worst that could happen?

No word on the interview that I had a few weeks back but I will know in a few days.

The anticipation is....making me wait.


May 11, 2016


The lilacs are out- so short lived but so delicious. They aren't on the beaten path at my house and I am apt to miss them, if I don't remember to look.

And these glorious days lately- may we relish them before the heat arrives and dampens our energy, like wilted little flowers.

I've been taking lots of walks in the woods and trying to pay more attention to the wildlife, which I can so often miss because I tend to see what is right in front of me, instead of in the distance.

Maybe this sounds like you too.

And I've started a new knitting project. A basket weave rib stitch that is so easy, and mindless, and makes me happy every time I sit down to knit.

I've also been making more of my favorite granola. Sweetened only with maple syrup- Papa, you would have loved it.

But the biggest news I cannot yet even mutter. I had a skype interview last week for a short, exciting project. It's swimming related. Fingers crossed that I get it because the topic is right up my alley.

Either way, I will keep you posted when I get permission....

Hope you're all having a lovely spring week, dear readers of mine.

May 01, 2016

Bobbi Brown's Make-Up Tips

I don't know about all of you but I am enjoying the pop of color that make-up gives me- more the older I grow. I've noticed how much more vibrant my 94-year-old mom looks with a bit of blush on her cheeks and some lipstick. Once again, she is my inspiration. I tell her this all the time but she doesn't believe it.

I want to start a list (and frame it) of the things I want to remember to do, and not do, when I am an old woman. At the top of the list is something else my mom has inspired me with- that losing our memory is hard (and confusing) but to just try and go with the flow with it.

 She has also told me that when trying to remember the word for something, to rub my left thumb and forefinger together.

I swear it works.