January 29, 2014

23.5 Hours

My daughter sent me the above visual message a few weeks ago. It is very well conceptualized as well as carries a great message about the single most important thing that we can do for our health. It's rare to find a youtube video that has almost 2000 comments but after watching you'll understand why.

Hope you are all surviving this long, cold winter.

February 1st is around the corner and I am so happy for that!

January 25, 2014



Maturation: The process of becoming mature: the process of developing in the body or mind : the process of developing to a desired level.

I took my mom to the dentist last week. I asked the dentist if the problem at hand was a typical one of aging. "Yes, of maturation", she said, as she smiled over her glasses.

Wow, I thought. This word pleased me. What a neat way to describe physical aging, beyond say, puberty. Maturation. 

Maturation, like a fine wine.

It's happening, just as its suppose to, all around us, inside and out.

And how much more do most of us like ourselves as we mature than when we were 20? And even 30, 40 and 50.

I must remember to ask my mom if she likes herself more at age 92 than 50.

I'm intrigued with how much we change as we go through maturation. As we continue to balance, re-balance, and ripen.

I'm intrigued with how as our physical youth slips away, our inner emotional and spiritual self grows rich and wise, and forever.

Photo by Franci Strumpher.

More on my love of hands here.

January 20, 2014

The Currency of Pleasure

I saw this on the Omega Institute website a few weeks ago and thought that it was very good.

Stress is what happens when more of our energy is going out than coming in.

We have to stop and fill our well back up.

Some of my best ways of achieving this are getting enough sleep, having time alone, taking time to exercise, and being creative. It really doesn't take much more than saying no to others and yes to ourselves.

A friend of mine once told me that her favorite way to figure out if she really wants to do something that someone is inviting her to do is to ask them if she can get back to them on it. This way she doesn't say yes under pressure.

We just have to remember to do it.

I've been fighting off flu-like symptoms the last few days and my sister turned me on to oscillococcin, which is a homeopathic remedy. I found it at our local drug store near the cough drops and I really think it is working should any of you be in need :-)

January 11, 2014

Is This Love

It's hard to believe it's already January 11th. The thing with the holidays is that it's always a relief to have them over, even though they are kind of fun. It kind of feels like it use to feel when finals were over in college. But then I get tripped up with all the stuff that didn't get done in December.

I will be quick this week. I just read Seth Godin's post on TL;DR, which is an acronym for "Too long; didn't read"- about how we are constantly bombarded by way too much lengthy information. Ain't it the truth.

So I leave you with the above video ( thank you Chrissy), which is wonderfully fluid and a joy to watch.

Also I leave you with this magnet that my business partner gave me and I see every time I open the fridge. It reminds me over and over again to remain positive as we launch our product- as well as a good reminder for anything that we are striving to accomplish in life.

Anxiety really is a waste of time.