October 29, 2014

1:56 of Humor

First of all, a shout out to Ron Amick, at Lucky Cat Creative, for helping me configure the HTML for Youtube videos that I post- so that they can be watched on Iphones and Ipads etc, as well as on PCs. From hell to high water I couldn't find directions on Google on how to make this edit.

Amen halleluiah- trying to keep Lines of Beauty up with the times...

I'm warning ya though that I might be limping to the finish line one of these days!

A second shout out to Monica at The Revelation Project for a little humor this week with the Angry Yoga video below. We have a similar funny bone in us that I realize not everyone will find humorous.

If I were to make my own angry yoga video it might go something like this:

"Oh man....several nights a week I have to remind Mr. Fix-It to P L E A S E roll over on his side to stop snoring. I've resorted to putting my pillow down at his feet so that I don't have his A N N O Y I N G symphony in my E A R!

Oh yes and one more thing- Can you P L E A S E  turn-down the F R E A K I N G  t.v.?

I'm on the computer and can't pay attention to a B L E S S' E D thing!

Sorry honey- just had to get that off my chest!

Yeah and how about all the F R I C K E N construction traffic in town? Jesus! I have to leave the house like 15 minutes earlier than normal!

Are we not a culture taken by S T O R M with these F' I N G Iphones in our hands?

Is anyone ever going to talk or look at E A C H  O T H E R again in public?

Seriously, when I look around it looks S O  W E I R D that everyone is staring at a little screen in their hand.

W T F ?"

October 20, 2014

The Looking Glass

Tracy Newman ( Photo by James F. Dean)

Recently I was in a building supply store buying some grout, and as I passed through the bath section, I caught a glimpse of myself from a distance in a mirror.

 "My gawd," I thought, "I've never looked so bad."

Have you ever seen your reflection in a window and thought the same thing?

My next thought was that the lighting was awful in there. My inclination was to walk past the mirror again, and have another peek, as I wanted to see if things were as shocking the second go round, but I got distracted and moved on.

Or perhaps I was just afraid.

Out in the car, I had a look in the rear view mirror and felt much better. I concluded again that poor lighting and reflections in windows do in fact suck the color out of our faces.

For the most part I am coasting with the aging process. I really do see the beauty in it. For sure it is far easier to embrace it and be grateful for the opportunity- then to always be pining for younger years.


But every once in awhile I am caught dead in my tracks.

This week musician and writer Tracy Newman sings about the looking glass in her song "I Just See You". She wrote the song after someone asked her what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

Tracy has written for numerous shows, including Cheers, Ellen, and According to Jim. She won an Emmy for writing the ground-breaking "coming out" episode on Ellen. Tracy is also sisters with actress Laraine Newman.

I love her lyrics:

"There’s a mirror on the bookcase,
In the hallway by the stairs
She always steals a look when she walks by
She stops to clean her glasses,
Shakes her head and heaves a sigh
She can’t believe the lines around her eyes...."

Tracy thank you for sharing your song with us.

October 12, 2014

What's Underneath

If you haven't seen this, it's a very moving piece. As is this article, by Robin Korth, called My Naked Truth sent in by Sandi. Thank you again.

I've come to the conclusion that one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.

About 20 years ago I wrote myself a note and put it in my wallet so that I would see it frequently.

It was at a time in my life when I was acutely aware that I was comparing myself to those around me.

The note said, "If it's okay with me then don't worry about it."

The note changed my life.

October 09, 2014

Yummy Goods

Photo by The ROPES Maine
Old friend and co-worker, Shana Aldrich Ready, whom I worked with in the design department at Susan Bristol years back, has come up with a very creative idea. Perhaps you have seen her bracelets in J.Crew and other places. Shana lives in Maine and her husband is in the lobstering industry. One day she was playing around with the ropes from his boat and viola! A very novel company was born, named The ROPES Maine.

Always a wanna-be entrepreneur, is it forever exciting to me when someone's great idea catches on.
Photo by Loopy Mango

Another delicious product that my friend, photographer Carin Ingalsbe, led me to is a company call Loopy Mango, which makes the thickest wool yarn available, as well as ready-made knitwear and houseware products made from their collection. Being a texture lover and knitter, I've been drooling over their offerings but have yet to buy their super-duper thick yarn as I'm working on 3 other projects right now. However, their store is on the list for my next visit to NYC.
My last little yummy good is hardly a pretty one but it might come in very handy if you know anyone who suffers from urinary tract infections as I do. Over the years I have been semi-successful curing them with cranberry tablets but I recently discovered some capsules by Nature's Bounty that are triple strength and I've been able to stay pain-free and off antibiotics :-)

They are my new best friend!

Happy fall weekend to you all. The foliage this year is incredible. Almost dream-like- and I haven't even left Boston.