October 29, 2014

1:56 of Humor

First of all, a shout out to Ron Amick, at Lucky Cat Creative, for helping me configure the HTML for Youtube videos that I post- so that they can be watched on Iphones and Ipads etc, as well as on PCs. From hell to high water I couldn't find directions on Google on how to make this edit.

Amen halleluiah- trying to keep Lines of Beauty up with the times...

I'm warning ya though that I might be limping to the finish line one of these days!

A second shout out to Monica at The Revelation Project for a little humor this week with the Angry Yoga video below. We have a similar funny bone in us that I realize not everyone will find humorous.

If I were to make my own angry yoga video it might go something like this:

"Oh man....several nights a week I have to remind Mr. Fix-It to P L E A S E roll over on his side to stop snoring. I've resorted to putting my pillow down at his feet so that I don't have his A N N O Y I N G symphony in my E A R!

Oh yes and one more thing- Can you P L E A S E  turn-down the F R E A K I N G  t.v.?

I'm on the computer and can't pay attention to a B L E S S' E D thing!

Sorry honey- just had to get that off my chest!

Yeah and how about all the F R I C K E N construction traffic in town? Jesus! I have to leave the house like 15 minutes earlier than normal!

Are we not a culture taken by S T O R M with these F' I N G Iphones in our hands?

Is anyone ever going to talk or look at E A C H  O T H E R again in public?

Seriously, when I look around it looks S O  W E I R D that everyone is staring at a little screen in their hand.

W T F ?"