September 30, 2014


Ninety-eight year old Evelyn had her driver's license taken away because she was told she was too old to drive. For most 98-year-old folks this would be an appropriate move I'd say, but for someone like Evelyn, this was a classic example of ageism. I love her reaction to the situation.

A few years back I went to hear Margaret Morganroth Gullette, author of Agewise, speak on ageism. I thoroughly enjoyed her and contacted her afterward to see if I could interview her for Lines of Beauty. She suggested I read the book and call her with some interview questions.


In typical Louise fashion, I never read the book.

I've noticed I read much less now with it being so easy to google and social-media-ize the night away, and I really miss reading.

So the other day I stole myself away to the ocean again for a few hours.

Just me, and a new book, and a hot fudge sundae.

I sat down and thought "There is NOTHING I'd rather be doing right now."

That thought, in and of itself, was a delightful thing.

And the beauty of the beach, besides the sand, and the sun, and the sound of the waves-

was that there wasn't any cell reception.


Take me away, new book, take me away!

September 25, 2014

Two Words

Whatever it is that we are yearning for in life, it is almost always ourselves that get in the way of what we are after. One possible road block is when we allow our short term choices and impulses to derail our long term desires. This is normal, we just need to get back on the horse. 

And the faster we get back on, the less we will fall off. 

Years ago I heard about the concept of "baby time", which are those moments when we worry that our needs aren't going to be met. Imagine a baby, totally dependent on someone else to meet its needs. For instance- think of hungry babies that need to be fed. They have no idea if this need is going to be met- so what do they do? They freak out and scream to let their mother know their needs. As we mature this is rarely the case, but we can so easily slip back into "baby time" and make poor, snap decisions because of it.

When in "baby time", impatience can make us grasp for things to appease our short term, rather than our long term, needs.

The key is to step back, take a breath, and trust ourselves to stay in alignment with achieving what we really desire. It's partly about learning how to better mother ourselves.

This week, my friend Brenda Stanton, who is a lifestyle and business coach ( Claim Your Worth), made the distinction between the words "choose" and "want, which I think is very helpful:


"Last week I had a very interesting conversation with a mentor of mine. He helped me, by giving me a visual example, of what it looks and feels like to be steeped in our younger parts - and how-to make the shift into your True, Higher Self to make forward progress. 

What sparked the conversation was when I said – “I want”. He said, “How about you change that want to the word CHOOSE – I choose.”

He went on to explain that using “I want” is like a kid in the cereal isle who wants the cocoa puffs and is having a temper tantrum because Mom or Dad is saying no – you can’t have them.

This is often how we feel when we want something but feel like there is a power outside of ourselves telling us we can’t have it. It makes us feel very small, helpless, and powerless.

My mentor explained that this inner child needs our love, attention and nurturing for sure – but we don’t want to stay steeped in this drama-filled place too long.

This is when we want to elicit our Higher, True Self – and where the word CHOOSE comes in. Rather than say “I want” and believe what you desire is outside of you, simply say I CHOOSE. I choose health. I choose loving relationships. I choose abundance. 

Can you feel the shift within yourself when you use the word Choose vs. Want?

The key is to realize that we are human. We have younger parts that are afraid and need our attention. Yet, we also are Divine, whole, powerful and bigger than anything that comes our way. The goal is to balance – not perfectly – but to balance the interaction and integration with these two parts and allow your Higher Self to have more air-play in your mind – even if its only 51% vs. 49% of your younger self – your Higher Self still wins out.

This week your soulwork is to witness how powerful you feel when you change “I want” to “I choose”."

Thank you Brenda!

September 16, 2014


I remember reading once that in regards to money, people basically are either consumers or investors. Simply put, consumers get more pleasure spending money and investors get more pleasure saving it. I am much more of an investor, especially now with two kids in college, and as I stare down the trail of what I pray will someday lead us to retirement.

Recently we've been enjoying playing a board game called Cashflow that was designed by the guy who wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Gosh I wish I had played this game YEARS ago as I've learned so much about investing, creating passive income, and getting out of the rat race. I HIGHLY recommend the game for teenagers and up. Our kids have played it with us and have learned a lot as well. Plus it's easy to learn and fun.

... and it would make a great holiday gift.

Lastly, and this is why I really wanted to write this post- On Sunday, I went to the beach with a friend and fellow beachcomber- oh man...hallelujah! I've only been there one other time all summer. I pray I can go back again before its too late and breath in a little more of that salty deliciousness. Anyway, we stopped along the way for a sandwich to take with us and the woman at the counter handed me a receipt. It was one of those semi-shiny receipts that apparently is coated in that nasty chemical BPA. This is something I never knew until I read about it on Dominique Browning's blog several years ago.

Been meaning to tell you.

Anyway, best to say "no thank you" the next time someone asks if you want a receipt. Pass it up like a cigarette. Help save a tree and our health.

Oh yes and one more thing- I can't tell you how much I love that my bank has an app and I no longer have to go to an ATM to deposit a check. It's crazy weird- but crazy good- that all we have to do now is take a picture of a check with our phone.


Our ancestors might just roll over in their graves if they knew.


September 07, 2014

Sixty-Four Dollars

Perhaps the last heat of summer has arrived. I usually hate hot weather but having so little of it this summer, it actually feels kind of good.

This morning, I stripped our bed down to its bare bones- and washed the down comforter/duvet, shams, and the box spring cover etc. I can't tell you the joy this kind of thing brings me- when things are fresh and the house is organized. Seriously, you'd think I'd flown to Paris for the weekend or something.

Clean bedding always makes me feel like I'm sleeping on a bed of clouds.

Just between you and me, I could have been a very happy 1950s housewife ( if I had a studio). The problem is that there isn't ever enough time to really luxuriate in domestic bliss these days. For most of us life has grown too complicated, not to mention too expensive.

Back in May, I bought just $64 of annual flowers and made another attempt to have an English cutting garden like others that I've coveted. Every year I get a little closer. I was so close this year that every time I've walked by the garden, which is a lot because it's right at the back door, it made me happy. I'm making notes for the next spring's attempt. For sure I know that I want to add some straw flowers and amaranth, for rich long lasting bouquets next fall.

Ou la la!

The other thing that brought me pleasure this summer was a dingy old white rocker that I repainted green. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. The rocker was given to me by some friends for the arrival of our first baby, 23 years ago.

That baby, the farmer girl, is tip-toeing off to her last semester of college tomorrow.

And as always,

I have a heavy heart~

and will miss her.