September 07, 2014

Sixty-Four Dollars

Perhaps the last heat of summer has arrived. I usually hate hot weather but having so little of it this summer, it actually feels kind of good.

This morning, I stripped our bed down to its bare bones- and washed the down comforter/duvet, shams, and the box spring cover etc. I can't tell you the joy this kind of thing brings me- when things are fresh and the house is organized. Seriously, you'd think I'd flown to Paris for the weekend or something.

Clean bedding always makes me feel like I'm sleeping on a bed of clouds.

Just between you and me, I could have been a very happy 1950s housewife ( if I had a studio). The problem is that there isn't ever enough time to really luxuriate in domestic bliss these days. For most of us life has grown too complicated, not to mention too expensive.

Back in May, I bought just $64 of annual flowers and made another attempt to have an English cutting garden like others that I've coveted. Every year I get a little closer. I was so close this year that every time I've walked by the garden, which is a lot because it's right at the back door, it made me happy. I'm making notes for the next spring's attempt. For sure I know that I want to add some straw flowers and amaranth, for rich long lasting bouquets next fall.

Ou la la!

The other thing that brought me pleasure this summer was a dingy old white rocker that I repainted green. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. The rocker was given to me by some friends for the arrival of our first baby, 23 years ago.

That baby, the farmer girl, is tip-toeing off to her last semester of college tomorrow.

And as always,

I have a heavy heart~

and will miss her.