March 31, 2016

After All

From the icky leftovers in the fridge,

to the aging plant that is never going to make a comeback

to the things we do over and over again hoping to achieve a different result

to the people who drain us

to the thing we've thought or said, so many times, but that gets us no where...

edit life frequently and ruthlessly.

And then



March 26, 2016

Libido As a Life Force

I came across this great video of Kim Anami, who is a holistic sex and relationship coach. She basically shares that whether it is self-love that we are enjoying, or love with someone else, it's all good and can carry us far into old age.

Amen for this.

Seriously, is there really anything more fun to do?

She also believes that creative energy and sexual energy are very similar, which I've heard before. She doesn't say so here but from my tantra studies both energies are housed in our our 2nd chakra (a few inches below the belly button).

If you press firmly here you will find it and notice a nice sensation. Sometimes I let it lull me to sleep.

She also speaks about creating vaginal muscles strong enough to pop-out a ping pong ball! She calls this vaginal kung-fu :-)

This, dear readers of mine, I am curious to read-up on.

Anyway, yesterday during a day off, I went for a run and listened to her "Spice Up: Libido As a Life Force" video and was thoroughly entertained, as I imagine you will be as well perhaps. So if you're heading out for a walk, or a run, or folding laundry, take it along with you- it's a quick 26 minutes.

March 25, 2016

7 Simple Ways

Yee-haw! The bullshit work is done, my neck issue is so much better and it's back to doing what I like to do again. This week's post from Marc and Angel was titled "16 Simple Ways to Love Yourself Again". They have solid advice about getting over our humps, expanding outside our comfort zone and finding self-love. I don't always have time to read them but I will say this- they are always good when I do. 

*  Start telling ourselves what we love about ourselves.

*  Start being one with what is.

*  Start focusing less on winning the approval of others.

*  Start distancing ourselves from those who bring us down ( this is huge).

* Start forgiving our past selves.

* Start making the changes we know we need to make ( another big one).

* Start embracing the mistakes we haven’t even made yet...

For more insight on these click here

And have yourself a merry little Christmas....I mean Easter :-)

I'm hosting and it's time to get the ball rolling. 

March 12, 2016

Just Like Mama Told Us

It's been a wingdinger of a few weeks with too many moving parts going all at once. Clearly not enough alone time and self-care for me.

I hate it when I don't have time to put my feet up to read or even write!

I pulled into the grocery store parking lot the other day, desperate to fill my empty kitchen pantry with food. Before I got out of the car though I glanced in the rear view mirror, took a breather and decided to take an inventory of everything that was making life so hectic, and me, such an emotional WITCH.

It tempted me to write on the back of my grocery list another list of all the extra things that have been going on. For instance, we replaced a very old rickety window in our kitchen that I've been looking out of for years ( like 25...) while I do dishes but couldn't open because of all the lead paint chips in it. Amen for this- but the chaos from having to move everything out of the kitchen because of the lead dust and put it back?


Meanwhile, both kids came home for visits in the middle of it, which I love of course but was hard timing. In addition, we are refinancing the house and doing the endless paper chase that goes with it....I've had multiple dental visits for my mom and chiropractic visits for myself...I'm working on the college financial aid app and the f'ing taxes (excuse me)....Mr. Fix-It hosted a business dinner here this week.....and I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck from a poorly executed, overly zealous, yoga move and have had some vertigo...which is really weird and scary.....

....And this list doesn't even include my regular job and other minutia in life.....

Gosh it feels good to vent.

I know we all have crazy times like this and you'll be able to relate.

I appreciate you listening and allowing me to lay on your therapist couch :-)

My chiropractor has been encouraging me to keep my chin up ( and not look down at my phone) and general good posture, which as the video above relays, is the foundation for good health.

Especially as we age.

So don't forget to walk with your head held high and stick your boobs out my friends :-)