March 30, 2023


Mount Cook, New Zealand

I've been working hard to unravel as issue with MailChimp about my posts not being delivered to Lines of Beauty subscribers. Endlessly frustrating but my posts must go on without their help for now. I've really missed writing. 

My thoughts as of late:

A is for Always: Always be your own best friend first.  What is it that we need, not what someone else needs?  As my favorite astrologer ARIFA says, “ Do not abandon yourself for the needs of others.”

B is for Bed:  Getting in bed by 11 is heaven for me and anyone with ADHD traits especially. A perennial night owl I can be, and it always screws me up the next day.C is for Careful: Working on being careful in whatever I say or do, especially not tripping down a flight of stairs etc. Being more careful, except for dancing and romps in the hay, of course. 🙃
D is for Depends: “Care for yourself like you life depends on it, because it does." ~SoulSisterCoachingE is for Energetic Intelligence:  Realizing this is my superpower. I see and feel energy that many other people do not and all my senses are highly alert. I love this ability in myself.F is for Too Fast: I am working on slowing down and not being in such a rush. Sometimes I run through life in lightening speed and I am desiring to walk it, more like a toddler. But man is this hard for my brain.G is for Getting on the mat: About 5 years ago I started doing a little stretching and yoga routine that only takes 12 minutes. I do it religiously 3 times a week and I have hardly been to the chiropractor since.

H is for Hurt: It doesn’t hurt to ask. So many desires in life are left on the sidelines when we don’t have the courage to ask for what we want or need help with. 
I is for If:  If not now, when? J is for Joy: The clock is ticking and I'm paying acute attention to what does and doesn't bring me joy and letting go of the things that I can, that do not.K if for Kissing: I can’t live life without it. It’s more intimate than anything I know.L is Listening: Listening to our internal voice and honoring what it is saying and what we need.M is for Motion: I cannot stress how good movement is for our minds, bodies and spirits. Get your shoes on and get moving, especially when life seems rocky. It is hugely therapeutic. 
N: In the spiritual world, the letter N represents always being on alert, like a magnet, picking up new ideas, concepts and vibrations. A mercurial nature that loves to seek out change and excitement and endows the mind with the spark of divine imagination. So heavenly. This is how I like to live the most.O Oh My Gosh: I can't come up with anything for O. Okay, yes I can, see Z below :-)
P is for Procrastination:  People think they need motivation in order to not procrastinate, and what we really need is just to start doing whatever needs to be done and the motion will turn into momentum, which brings motivation.  The joy of getting shit done is HUMONGOUS. 
Q is for Questioning:   Questioning more, as CADY BYRON encourages. Is what I am thinking true? Sometimes it’s just a story we’re making up.R is for Romance:  I don’t ever want to live without it.  S is for Saying: Stop saying yes when we mean no. If this is hard for you to do, ask the person if you can get back to them after you think about it.
T is for There: "There are good days and there are bad days and this is one of them."  ~Lawrence Welk.U  is for Uncover:  Uncover what fear(s) are holding you back from doing or saying, and say "fuck it", and do it anyway. We don't need to be confident to have courage. Courage breeds confidence.V  is for  Vitamin C:   For the first time in my life this year my nails began to chip and peal without reason. Until I started taking a hefty dose of vitamin C each day and realized I was just deficient.W is for Wrinkles:  The aging process has seemed to suddenly speeded up and I am finding wrinkles (or rather “lines of beauty”) everywhere on my body. On good days I am amazed and grateful for this work of art. On bad days I say “Who is this woman? Where did I go? After age 60 the skin really starts to change  I look at my legs sometimes and think what the heck is going on, I’m an athlete?  The truth is I am an aging goddess and a continual form of art, that is as normal as getting our baby teeth. X is for Exactly:  Exactly, what do we want to do with the rest of our short time on this earth? I want to have fun, lots of joy and support people in their growth.Y is for Yesterday: Yesterday is over.  If we are ruminating on anything, it’s time to close the door on sad thoughts and move on to more love and lightness in our lives.  Remember to change the channel when it’s time. Kind of like turning off CNN.Z is for Zipper: Don’t forget to unzip.  Orgasms are the best elixir for so many things, especially stress and worry.  They keep us young and vibrant.  Have at least one a week 🔥