March 31, 2014

Beauty Parlor Wisdom

Robbie Kaye, my 92-year old mom, and me, at the Griffin Museum

Three years ago I featured California photojournalist, Robbie Kaye, on Lines of Beauty when she traipsing across America photographing older women in beauty parlors.

Photograph by Robbie Kaye
Dedicated to changing the perception of aging and beauty, Robbie's inspiring book of beauty parlor portraits and essays, titled Beauty and Wisdom, is now complete. Luckily for me, Robbie was in Boston last week for the opening of her photography show at the Griffin Museum. We bi-coastal cyber friends, with similar missions, finally had a chance to meet and it was so much fun.

"True Beauty is what comes to mind when I look at the beautiful photographs in Robbie Kaye's book; "Beauty and Wisdom". Robbie boldly reminds us with gentle wisdom that we have a choice at how we perceive beauty and aging. When we look at ourselves through a clear lens as she does, what we see becomes a work of art."

~M.J. Rolek

I couldn't have said it better.

Thank you Robbie for your dedication to sharing the masterpiece that resides with all of us, as we grow older.

~ Louise

March 23, 2014

Time Sits On Its Hands

Love this video

Time Flies
We're led to believe
But it's us that fly
Time sits on its hands
As we rush by.

~Roger McGough

Go do what's been knocking at your door.
Tapping on your shoulder
Calling your name
Touching your heart


March 16, 2014

Twenty Strangers

I'm procrastinating doing taxes to share the above video.

Just over 57 million hits and it's only been on Youtube for 6 days.

I like that they included at least one older person in it.

I've wondered what it would be like to kiss a stranger and then just walk away.

Kind of like having, maybe, a delicious piece of chocolate,

or possibly even better.

Perhaps this is where our minds go, even if we've been snug and mostly sound with someone for many years.

Or less.

Yesterday my 65-year-old brother sent me an email with the subject,

"Wisdom Resides in a Natural Face."

I opened it and there wasn't anything enclosed.

So I emailed him back and said " Where's the link?"

To which he responded,

"No link. Just a thought. Does plastic surgery take wisdom out of your face?"

I think it does.

Restoring or erasing our faces, deletes their history.

Wisdom comes over time, one of the beauties of aging.

Watching people morph into old age is very interesting.

March 08, 2014

Worst Enemy

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and have to keep tabs on thoughts like these that can get in the way of a more fulfilling life:

~Thinking that we have already missed our chance.

~ Obsessing over examining personal failures.

~Changing who we are to satisfy others.

~Using failed relationships as an excuse.

~Dwelling on things we can't change.

Good huh? I didn't write my cyber travels I discovered this neat site called Marc and Angel Hack Life. They have lots of practical tips for productive living, such as 6 things happy people never do- which now that I reread them is an even better list than the one above. :-)