July 17, 2021

Natural Highs

Our bodies really are like a natural pharmacy.

Especially needed with all this rain! 

Prayers for western Europe ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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And love to all  ๐Ÿงก

July 04, 2021

One of the Keys To Life

Yes. So good.

Keep it juicy.

Whatever this is for you.

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Thanks gang and have a nice 4th!


June 26, 2021

Sparkly Bright Minds

With a lifetime of experience with ADHD, and as my courage coaching practice grows, I have discovered a big need for ADHD coaching and am now specializing in it. 

There is a lot to love and celebrate about having ADHD:

Those with it are usually highly creative, empathic and tenacious. 

They are good problem solvers, have great imaginations, a sense of humor and are keen observers. 

They are known for their love of, and ability, to multi-task, on a grand scale. When interested in something, ADHDers capability to hyper-focus and accomplish, is like a superpower. 

ADHDers are also endlessly curious, with perpetual energy and a real zest for life.They are often big adventurers.  

Most ADHDers are warm, loving, caring and wear their heart on their sleeve.

They also have quick minds and tend to be deep thinkers.

These are just a handful of the positive traits of ADHD.

More difficult traits of having ADHD can be:

The emotional volatility, impulsiveness, impatience, hyper-activity and disorganization that some have.

ADHD traits vary greatly between people.

Most however, have the inability to concentrate on things that don't interest them, because they are very easily bored. They have a VERY high need for stimulation and because of this, can be big risk takers. 

ADHDers also frequently lack a filter when they speak, because they don't think to pause (oversharing is common).

They can also often feel and appear restless.

Some things that aren't as commonly known about ADHD:

ADHD is a chemical, neurological disorder, as the brain has a dopamine deficiency.

90% of people with ADHD have inherited it from their parents. It's more predominant in families than height. 

ADHD can affect the ability to plan, so if people have a great idea, which they often do, it can be difficult to make a plan to accomplish their vision.

They also have a hard time making decisions. Making choices can be very hard and even when they do make them, they often change their minds and don't trust their decision.

It can be hard to make decisions because everything in life appears to be equally important.

Decisions are also often made with emotion, instead of being able to calm the amygdala in the brain down enough to take a pause and think things through.

Some ADHDers also have a hard time seeing their future.

Many ADHDers can be highly sensitive to crowds, over- stimulus, such as light and noise, other people's feelings, personal criticism and pain. They basically have high sensitivity to many kinds of energy.

ADHDers also have a hard time learning from mistakes they have made and can't see the effects that their decisions have on their future. 

They also have a hard time changing a bad habit into a good habit. This is why it is hard for ADHDers to stop self-medicating with alcohol, drugs and food etc and make healthy lifestyle changes.

ADHDers usually need to have someone to exercise with, such as a team or fitness coach, or at least a class, because they have a hard time exercising on their own.

Some with ADHD wait (and wait) for the perfect moment to get things done. This is partly because they often are perfectionists. The thing to remember is that getting something 80% done, or even less, is good enough and that nothing needs to be perfect.

ADHD is an issue with the operating system of the brain.

Thoughts and feelings can hold ADHDers hostage and stuck.

Writing down thoughts, feelings and successes can be hugely helpful, as are checklists.

Not having a meal and sleep schedule is also common. 

Balancing life can be difficult.

Where having an ADHD coach can help:

As a coach, I help clients realize their incredible strengths and help them problem solve to achieve what they want.

I guide them to connect to their passion and their values, goals and purpose.

I help them to follow their hearts and find what works for them personally.

And find their juice, what lights them up, and let go of things that don't spark joy.

I guide clients to pay attention to what they are always looking for.

I help with self-regulation and structure.

With not giving up.

And the frequently present, negative self-talk.

I help clients become more mindful to quell the intense emotions, energy and ruminations in their brains.

I help them to change the channel.

I especially like coaching because I get to help clients open up their world.

Especially now, 

as the world, so thankfully, opens back up.

June 20, 2021

Chani Nicholas


If you haven't ever read Chani Nicholas's astrology, she is an incredible, very insightful and spiritual astrologer that I have had my eye on for years. She writes beautifully and is also frequently very accurate. 

She suggests that we read not only our sun sign but also our rising sign. If you're interested, have a peak for what is in store for you this week HERE (go to the bottom of this link for your horoscopes).

Happy summer and love to all,

May 01, 2021

Bathing the Soul


Walking slowly

Walking silently 

Restoring balance, amidst the imbalances. 

Calming, clarifying, healing. 

Coming home to our hearts. 

Forest bathing. 

Bathing our souls.

April 28, 2021

What May Swirl Around Us and Within Us

Above all else, let us remember that we are all spiritual beings on a path of discovery, love and awakening.

Even in our hardest moments.

Above all else, let us remember to take utmost care of ourselves, regardless of what swirls around us and within us.

Fresh air, keeping our bodies in motion and nourishing all 5 of our delicious senses,

but also remembering to love who we are, just as we are, and knowing that we're all connected to an energy greater than ourselves, regardless of how alone we might feel.

We really are.

Above all else,

let us remember to keep searching for what inspires and ignites our soul.

Because it is in these moments that we connect with, not only ourselves,

but with spirit and with each other as well.


March 31, 2021

The Soul vs the Ego


Perhaps this is one of the biggest lessons we learn as we age.

 How I wish my father was still here to tie his shoes for him. 

Happy Easter, Passover and spring to you all.

The light at the end of the tunnel is coming.



March 28, 2021

Talking about Sex Like It's The Weather

I tend to get hooked on things for a time, like a certain spice, a song or a scent.

I imagine your can relate.

For quite awhile, I've been hooked on KIM ANAMI, who is a sex therapist. I like her especially because she is into Tantra and energy, which is like adding lighter fluid to the mind, body and spiritual experiences of our sexuality.

For years I've wondered- why is discussing sex so taboo when it can be so great and so very good for our health?

For instance, we may delight in a fabulous recipe, a great band, the ballet, a massage or an exquisite sunset. We discuss how these things move us, uplift us, make us happy and make us feel soooo good

But discussing sex? 

Not so much.

In the 60s, marijuana and the sexual revolution began to break the ice a bit on the subject, and of course, the younger generation has made talking about sex a much more open discussion.

So much more open. Wide open!

Like they have blown the roof off the Vatican.

But for our generation? Sometimes I feel like I am the ring leader.

And yet I retreat. Because I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable.

But this week, I introduce Kim Anami. What I like about the video below of hers, especially, is that she discusses the importance of sexual release for everyone, single or partnered and how so many good things flow from having it in our lives.

Pleasure is our birthright and we all deserve it.

And it's free ❣

February 28, 2021

Piggybacking a New Habit on Another Habit


I find the idea of piggybacking a new habit, on top of another one, an interesting idea (and a difficult one). But I've been inspired by one friend who does leg stretches at the bathroom sink, when she brushes her teeth. Another friend, does the dinner dishes from the night before, when making coffee in the morning. 

The video above suggests NOT setting reminders on your phone "Reminder App" to create new habits, because you have to be reminded to do something, which doesn't create a new habit.

I have to disagree however. 

Even though my reminders on my phone have to alert me to remember to do something, I am still changing my behaviors and thoughts, especially with the affirmations that I've created for myself. If you missed my post REMINDERS FOR THE SOUL, it's a good one I think!

Have a good week everyone! The times are changing. We're finding out way out of this long year of isolation and spring is at our doorstep, here in New England hallelujah! ๐Ÿ’—

February 21, 2021

My 7th Decade Begins

Photo by Caroline Fernandes
Last week I turned 60. I celebrated by inviting my two families to roast (or toast) me and dance to rock & roll.

All on zoom of course.

Going into it, I imagined it to be the worst birthday I'd ever have but it turned out to be my favorite, even though processing some of the roasts has taken time to do, as I anticipated it might.

My take-away is that going forward, I need to take better care in not embarrassing those around me by being and expressing myself, without a filter.

I am a free spirit who has always lived in a bit of a bubble, so my work to be more conscious of my effect on others, is now laid out before me.


There is a back story to this of course. 

When I was in college at BU (Boston U), the school gave out metal buttons that some of us put on our jean jackets. The buttons said "Be You".

I was more than knee deep in an eating disorder at the time and surrounded by many new personalities & cultures that confused me, about who I was. But more importantly, I no longer liked being on the swim team, and the pressure, and confinement of being on an athletic scholarship. 

I started therapy for my eating disorder, quit swimming and the "Be You" button, became my internal motto. I told no one. But I knew deep down that if I was going to find my way to health and happiness, I needed to start being myself, as well as discover more parts of me, that I hadn't yet met.

I needed to find my compass.

And there began my focus on being myself and not worrying, or caring, about what everyone else thought. 

A life process this is.

I also had the added pressure of growing up with 4 much older siblings, which was kind of like growing up with 6 mothers and fathers, instead of just two. This was both a fortunate thing but also sometimes hard.

So here I sit, as a 60-year-old, still making my way, but feeling more like myself than I ever have, thank goodness. 

Time is clearly running out.

At age 46, my daughter took the photo of me above in Costa Rica. At the time I didn't like it of me at all. It was much too raw, naked and serious.

Now as my skin continues to droop all over my body, I have new appreciation for the photo and for what it captured!

This sounds familiar I'm sure.

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all, my dear readers,

 ๐Ÿ’˜ Louise


January 30, 2021

January 22, 2021

The Blow-Up Bra

In celebration of our new administration this week, I bring you a little humor and a true story.

Yes, a blow-up bra, inflated with something as simple as a straw. 

No bike pump needed.

Below, 94-year-old Betty Jenkins, tells her story about how an inflatable bra, that her mom gave her to wear, actually blew-up, in a most inconvenient place.

Imagine if they had something similar for a guy. 

I also love this animated version of her story:

The Blow-Up Bra (a handmade animation by Manual Cinema with audio story provided by StoryCorps) from Manual Cinema on Vimeo.

January 02, 2021

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year to you all. We've rounded a corner and here awaits, a new road and maybe even a bit of magic perhaps? ๐Ÿ‘€

We shall see.

Already I feel like there is going to be some new magic happening on January 21st when agent orange leaves office. 

A few months ago, I began wondering, like many of you I'm sure, how the hell I am going to survive this winter? 

What do I want to have done when I come out the other end of it? What is going to keep me content & occupied during this time? 

So I began to make a list:

* Dig out my big pile of journals from the basement, dating back as far as 4th grade and read them.

* Go through my file drawers and chuck all the info that I no longer need.

* Cozy up my home more by wallpapering one wall in my bedroom (I bought the wallpaper several months ago and there it has sat), buy new textiles and whatever else catches my eye.
* Continue swimming as long as I can outdoors. I just ordered a much thicker wetsuit and I'm curious how far into the winter it will take me. Walden Pond may freeze but the bay in Boston, where I swam today, won't. Cold water swimming gets less scary and more euphotic the longer I do it. There was a great article about it keeping people sane yesterday in the NYTimes, if you're interested, HERE.

* I have been playing a beloved game called SETTLERS OF CATAN online since Covid hit but I want to find a new game to play online with my sister. Does anyone have one they can recommend? I'm thinking Scrabble as one idea.

* Continue to strengthen my core to support my healed, but once fractured, 5th vertebrae, from a year ago.

* Complete the 12-week book/support group that I just committed to, THE ARTIST'S WAY.

* I also might want to take an online astrology class but maybe this will be too much right now.

* Get out and snow shoe, ski and ice skate.

* Meet my kids for walks & skating in Maine.

* Keep peculating on a story I want to pitch to the NYTimes & gather the courage to send it to them (it’s not about my 32 year long marriage).  

* Read more.

* Finish knitting the sweater I started when Covid hit.

* Pamper myself. My favorite way of doing this has always been massages but I can at least take hot Epsom salt baths and do other things like get my haircut.

One last thing this week-

I was sent a helpful article recently from Ten Percent Happier called THE LONELY WINTER. Truly helpful & comforting.

We're going to make it through this.

We're going to make it through this.

In peace, until next time,