September 26, 2013

Into Place

Like a bird, I'm slowly settling into the empty nest here.

For the past several weeks when I've walked past the kid's bedrooms, with the sheets stripped on their beds, it's made me miss them even more. So today I made their beds, which makes their rooms look nicer and it's no longer a stark visual reminder that they aren't here.

This week on Humans of New York, they posted a picture of an older man who is also a dwarf (small person).

Under his photo was this quote:

"My philosophy is: 'If you like yourself, everything around you will fall into place.' "

Clearly there is a connection between people liking themselves and their contentedness in life. As well as a connection between people who felt loved, and accepted by their parents, and their contentedness in life.

So if we can just love, support, and accept kids, just as they are, and let them know it, we've really helped in the process.

God I hope I've done this. I really do. For the most part I think I have. However, I am sure there are places and times I've fallen short unfortunately.

Also this week, I thought I'd post this video that I made for a friend who is suffering from "Text Neck", as I have been. Caused by texting, "Text Neck" has many symptoms, like headaches, but for me, my right hand goes numb during the night, and sometimes even during the day.

It is the new epidemic, that can easily be confused with carpel tunnel syndrome.

The good news is that I have been doing this quick exercise before bed, and when I get up in the morning, and I am doing so much better. Amen!

Have a nice weekend everyone,

September 19, 2013


Filmmaker, Anthony Cerniello, went to a friend's family reunion, along with photographer, Keith Sirchio, and shot portraits of various cousins through to the oldest relatives. All with similar bone structure. The photos were then pasted together and the result is this wonderful, subtle piece, which I think so well illustrates the beauty of aging.

I love how faces soften over the years. Kind of like what happens with driftwood, sea glass, and pebbles on a beach. Kind of like what happens with our favorite clothes when we've worn them over and over again, well read hardcover books, and windblown sails.

Thank you to Caroline for sending this clip along to me.

Also this week I wanted to tell you about my new favorite thing, in case you haven't already heard about it: 

Humans of New York.

Twenty-nine year old photographer Brandon Stanton, takes photos of strangers on the streets of New York and asks them questions. I love the honesty in his project. He's just out with his first book.

I especially like looking at the photos, because of how they are formatted, on Facebook.

Photography is a such a wonderful thing.

September 12, 2013

The 7 Rules of Life

How sweet are these cement pots?

They are from a company called Terrain. My knitwear designer friend, Kristin, posted about them and I just had to repost. So yummy.

They also come in a short, squat variety.

They remind me of this small porcelain cup that I have on my dinner table that I put matches in by Alyssa Ettinger.

I glued a match striker on the bottom of it, for easy lighting. Being a knitter, I especially love these. My photo fails miserably however in showing how delicate the cup actually is.

Better photos on Ettinger's site.

Tonight I discovered former British fashion designer, turned potter, Annette Bugansky.

Her work is just H E A V E N L Y.

Check out her google images if you have a second.

As of this past Sunday, we are empty nesters again. Where as last fall it seemed like a lovely novelty, this time around it seems a little lonely.

Just a little.

Perhaps I just need to do something creative, instead of putting out logistical fires.

Time to knit again maybe.

Lastly, I like these 7 rules of life. One for each day of the week.

Happy weekend to you all. xo

September 07, 2013

Finding a Way

Being a competitive swimmer, I have been entranced this week with Diana Nyad's triumph of swimming 110 miles from Cuba to Key West, at the ripe age of 64. If you haven't heard, she swam for 53 hours straight. Yep. Unbelievable really. I can't think of an athletic endeavor more challenging than what she has done.

Diana has said that her mantra throughout the swim was "Find a way."  Find a way to deal with strong headwinds, incredible exhaustion, the threat of sharks, and enduring the chill of two long, dark nights.  Find a way to deal with an uncomfortable face mask to protect her from life threatening jelly fish, the inability to keep food down, the loneliness.

As she said, " It's so easy to talk ourselves out of things." 

Just as inspiring, in a totally different way, is the clip below of Arthur Boorman, who was told for 15 years that he would never walk unassisted again.

The power of yoga.

The power of deciding to find a way.

Thank you to Chrissy for finding this.