March 16, 2011

To Gray or Not To Gray. That is the Question.

Do you remember when you were little and were standing on the end of a diving board wanting so badly to jump off into the pool below, but you were just too scared to do it? This is how I kind of feel about letting my hair go gray.

As I wrote in Gray Gorgeousness, I have been highlighting my hair since college and I've basically been happy with it. Recently though more and more gray hair has come in and it's getting so hard to cover it that I just feel like going natural. But I'm scared to do it because I don't think my hair is going to be a pretty gray yet- probably more of a mousy yucky gray, I fear. And then what if I try going gray and hate the hard is it going to be to go back and successfully highlight it again I wonder... So that's my quandary as of late dear readers...

I've been very inspired by my friend Karen who stopped coloring her hair this past year and looks so terrific. Check out her before and after photos below:  The 'before' is a not-so-great one of Karen and me when we had dinner together in Napa two years ago (post wine...I'm looking a little googly-eyed..)

Now look at Karen below since she has gone gray. She looks so great. Don't you think? (thank you Karen for obliging.)

To further support any gray wannabes, or kind-of-wannabes like myself, check out this article on the Silver Sisters Club who I first heard about on the Today Show. These going gray groups are forming across America. There is lots of other great support on this Going Gray Looking Great website as well.

And one more thing- there is a book out too by Anne Kreamer called Going Gray: What I learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, and Motherhood, Authenticity and Everything Else that Really Matters. I love the title. I haven't read it yet but I have it on order. It's gotten great reviews on Amazon.

Plus, I like the cover :-)