May 10, 2010

Gray Gorgeousness

I imagine you’ve noticed how beautiful women are with a full head of grey, or white hair? The photo above is of my sister-in- law Laura Summa whose hair I covet. She is 50, and is one of the lucky ones whose hair grayed quickly, leaving her blessed with gray gorgeousness.

As for my own hair, I am a gray-hair-wanna-be whose head is probably only about 25% gray (it’s hard to tell actually). I have been highlighting my hair since college and feel at this point, that it probably looks better highlighted, rather than darker and partly gray. Maybe, maybe not. I am excited to go gray because I know that it is going to be very freeing, and come as a relief. Plus, I just want to be who I am :-)

I’ve been wondering about this though: When I do acquire more grey hair, and want to stop highlighting, how do I go about weaning myself off hair color? I mean, is it going to be like getting off crack? (just kidding). So out of curiosity I found this fabulous site called Going Gray Looking Great that offers lots of good advice and support- including a whole section about transitioning into gray.

In closing I want to leave you with this link to Style List that Chris sent in of grey and white-haired celebs whose silver locks are redefining great style. Thanks Chris.

I also found these other great pics.

So how ‘bout all you beauties? I’d love to hear how you feel about going gray.