May 07, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Light

This week's  Beauty of the Week is Maria Certo. She is 47 and is the younger sister of  a classmate of mine. We recently reconnected through my friend Cindy’s blog, which has been so nice. Maria hails from California and is an occupational therapist. She is full of great wisdom, and life insights, and is as sweet as her picture portrays. As Cindy said, "Maria is a Lightworker. She is all about love and kindness and giving." Thanks Maria for sending in your photo, and for all your enthusiasm about Lines of Beauty. Happy Mother's Day to you too, and to all the other mothers out there!


  1. Thank you Louise for asking me to be on your site.
    Thank you Louise for this kind note!
    I am grateful to have re-connected with You and Cindy through both of your blogs.
    You both are wonderful and creative beauties!!!
    Isn't it amazing how the Universe brings everyone together right at the perfect moment?!

  2. Congratulations Maria you deserve to be in the spotlight!

  3. What a beautiful gift you are to all of us Maria! Wonderful choice for beauty of the week Lou:) Maria is a natural beauty inside and out...and yes, she is a TRUE lightworker, in every sense of the word. Her light emanates from all angles and brightens our days...Love you beauty girl!