November 26, 2014

Thanks Giving

I am thankful for many things of course

but I wanted to stop, and let you know, that one of them is you, my dear readers.

Oh yes- and one other thing:

The cute little couple who posed naked in the above collage!

Every time I look at them they make me smile.

Happy Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2014

In Its Place

I was entertained recently by an article in the New York Times called Kissing Your Socks Goodbye about home organization advice from a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo, who refers to herself as a "tidying consultant."

Marie Kondo, let me just say it now-

I love you.

As her book title states, tidying up is life-changing magic.

So much for asking ourselves if we need something, or if it is out of style, or if it still fits....

Kondo advises to discard EVERYTHING that doesn't bring us joy.

Her thoughts on sorting papers is the most liberating of all:

Just throw them all away!

(In this day of computers I think we almost can thank god)

I've read about the relationship between tidy homes and the care we take for our bodies. I can't imagine that there isn't a correlation between tidying and what we choose to sweep under the rug- or decide to address with ourselves and in our relationships as well...

But to discard EVERYTHING that doesn't bring us joy?
Holy moly, I think I have to think about this.

Although there are things that I could toss in a heartbeat, there are several "levels of joy" that surround me here...

For example she says to throw out all my buttons...

Wait. WHAT?

November 15, 2014

Enough is Enough

Recently actress Ali MacGraw turned 75, looked in the mirror and thought, "Enough is enough." It was time, she says, to stop dyeing her hair.

Oh how I love this. I really wish my hair was gray enough under my blonde'ish highlights to have a beautiful head of gray hair.  Soon I hope.

Here is Ali before she stopped dyeing her hair. She looks so beautiful now!  Sometimes trying to look younger really takes away natural beauty.

Also this week the best article that I've ever read on relationships- lasting relationships come down to 2 basic traits. From my experience this is so true.

That's it for this week my friends.


November 10, 2014


Preparing the homestead for winter.

Soup making, friend gathering, nesting.

Craving the tactile textures of handwork.

Living life through my senses.

Relishing time spent alone.

Honoring the introvert that is I.

What makes one person happy,

might not do a thing for another.