June 26, 2021

Sparkly Bright Minds

With a lifetime of experience with ADHD, and as my courage coaching practice grows, I have discovered a big need for ADHD coaching and am now specializing in it. 

There is a lot to love and celebrate about having ADHD:

Those with it are usually highly creative, empathic and tenacious. 

They are good problem solvers, have great imaginations, a sense of humor and are keen observers. 

They are known for their love of, and ability, to multi-task, on a grand scale. When interested in something, ADHDers capability to hyper-focus and accomplish, is like a superpower. 

ADHDers are also endlessly curious, with perpetual energy and a real zest for life.They are often big adventurers.  

Most ADHDers are warm, loving, caring and wear their heart on their sleeve.

They also have quick minds and tend to be deep thinkers.

These are just a handful of the positive traits of ADHD.

More difficult traits of having ADHD can be:

The emotional volatility, impulsiveness, impatience, hyper-activity and disorganization that some have.

ADHD traits vary greatly between people.

Most however, have the inability to concentrate on things that don't interest them, because they are very easily bored. They have a VERY high need for stimulation and because of this, can be big risk takers. 

ADHDers also frequently lack a filter when they speak, because they don't think to pause (oversharing is common).

They can also often feel and appear restless.

Some things that aren't as commonly known about ADHD:

ADHD is a chemical, neurological disorder, as the brain has a dopamine deficiency.

90% of people with ADHD have inherited it from their parents. It's more predominant in families than height. 

ADHD can affect the ability to plan, so if people have a great idea, which they often do, it can be difficult to make a plan to accomplish their vision.

They also have a hard time making decisions. Making choices can be very hard and even when they do make them, they often change their minds and don't trust their decision.

It can be hard to make decisions because everything in life appears to be equally important.

Decisions are also often made with emotion, instead of being able to calm the amygdala in the brain down enough to take a pause and think things through.

Some ADHDers also have a hard time seeing their future.

Many ADHDers can be highly sensitive to crowds, over- stimulus, such as light and noise, other people's feelings, personal criticism and pain. They basically have high sensitivity to many kinds of energy.

ADHDers also have a hard time learning from mistakes they have made and can't see the effects that their decisions have on their future. 

They also have a hard time changing a bad habit into a good habit. This is why it is hard for ADHDers to stop self-medicating with alcohol, drugs and food etc and make healthy lifestyle changes.

ADHDers usually need to have someone to exercise with, such as a team or fitness coach, or at least a class, because they have a hard time exercising on their own.

Some with ADHD wait (and wait) for the perfect moment to get things done. This is partly because they often are perfectionists. The thing to remember is that getting something 80% done, or even less, is good enough and that nothing needs to be perfect.

ADHD is an issue with the operating system of the brain.

Thoughts and feelings can hold ADHDers hostage and stuck.

Writing down thoughts, feelings and successes can be hugely helpful, as are checklists.

Not having a meal and sleep schedule is also common. 

Balancing life can be difficult.

Where having an ADHD coach can help:

As a coach, I help clients realize their incredible strengths and help them problem solve to achieve what they want.

I guide them to connect to their passion and their values, goals and purpose.

I help them to follow their hearts and find what works for them personally.

And find their juice, what lights them up, and let go of things that don't spark joy.

I guide clients to pay attention to what they are always looking for.

I help with self-regulation and structure.

With not giving up.

And the frequently present, negative self-talk.

I help clients become more mindful to quell the intense emotions, energy and ruminations in their brains.

I help them to change the channel.

I especially like coaching because I get to help clients open up their world.

Especially now, 

as the world, so thankfully, opens back up.

June 20, 2021

Chani Nicholas


If you haven't ever read Chani Nicholas's astrology, she is an incredible, very insightful and spiritual astrologer that I have had my eye on for years. She writes beautifully and is also frequently very accurate. 

She suggests that we read not only our sun sign but also our rising sign. If you're interested, have a peak for what is in store for you this week HERE (go to the bottom of this link for your horoscopes).

Happy summer and love to all,