May 13, 2010

Aging Beautifully With Passion in Your Life

This week’s Aging Beauty is Maria Ponzi Luce who is 48. Maria and I graduated from high school together but met in 5th grade. I remember this because she got her ears pierced that year. I was very envious because my Mom made me wait until I was 13 to get mine pierced. I remember looking at Maria’s earrings and thinking the day couldn’t come soon enough. Maria and I went on to have many years of teenage fun together both as classmates, and friends. I admired Maria’s fun-loving happy spirit, and her kindness.

Today Maria is aging gracefully in the Chicago area where she is a mom to three beautiful children (one of whom is 24). She loves her job teaching 5th grade, and spends her free time running, traveling and reading. She said that aging to her is a mysterious journey. She never knows what is around the next corner but that she is having fun finding out. She said that surrounding herself with family and good friends are essential to her true happiness and that being passionate about life also helps. Maria also believes that her religious faith is what truly keeps her grounded.

Thank you Maria for sending in your photo, and also for your thoughts on aging gracefully.