March 11, 2011

Aging Gracefully with Children

This week's beauty is Susan Millstein Waldron who is 49-years-old and a mom to two college age children. Susan is a first grade teacher, and coaches both kids and masters swimming at the Ocean County YMCA. During the winter months she is the assistant swim coach for the Howell High School swim team as well. Susan is also a supporter of St.Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Susan has this to share about aging:

Years ago I swam on the swim team at Ithaca College and when I was first married with two small children, everyone would always ask me if I was still swimming.  My favorite reply would be, when I'm 50, I'm making my big comeback. This always amused me. I thought this was funny. Until I went to say it last summer and realized I'd be 50 in a year and if I was making a big comeback, I'd better get on it! I swim once a week, and try to fit yoga, Zumba and long walks in the park with my dog the rest of the days.  Each day I make sure I'm doing something! Yoga is keeping my knees young and my mind calm and open. The Zumba dancing is just so fun and I dance each day with my first graders as well. If you're feeling old, find some young children and dance with them!  I'll see some wrinkles on my face and some veins in my legs, and I think, oh well, I've earned them.  

Thanks Susan for being this week's beauty, and best of luck in the pool!