March 16, 2014

Twenty Strangers

I'm procrastinating doing taxes to share the above video.

Just over 57 million hits and it's only been on Youtube for 6 days.

I like that they included at least one older person in it.

I've wondered what it would be like to kiss a stranger and then just walk away.

Kind of like having, maybe, a delicious piece of chocolate,

or possibly even better.

Perhaps this is where our minds go, even if we've been snug and mostly sound with someone for many years.

Or less.

Yesterday my 65-year-old brother sent me an email with the subject,

"Wisdom Resides in a Natural Face."

I opened it and there wasn't anything enclosed.

So I emailed him back and said " Where's the link?"

To which he responded,

"No link. Just a thought. Does plastic surgery take wisdom out of your face?"

I think it does.

Restoring or erasing our faces, deletes their history.

Wisdom comes over time, one of the beauties of aging.

Watching people morph into old age is very interesting.