October 09, 2014

Yummy Goods

Photo by The ROPES Maine
Old friend and co-worker, Shana Aldrich Ready, whom I worked with in the design department at Susan Bristol years back, has come up with a very creative idea. Perhaps you have seen her bracelets in J.Crew and other places. Shana lives in Maine and her husband is in the lobstering industry. One day she was playing around with the ropes from his boat and viola! A very novel company was born, named The ROPES Maine.

Always a wanna-be entrepreneur, is it forever exciting to me when someone's great idea catches on.
Photo by Loopy Mango

Another delicious product that my friend, photographer Carin Ingalsbe, led me to is a company call Loopy Mango, which makes the thickest wool yarn available, as well as ready-made knitwear and houseware products made from their collection. Being a texture lover and knitter, I've been drooling over their offerings but have yet to buy their super-duper thick yarn as I'm working on 3 other projects right now. However, their store is on the list for my next visit to NYC.
My last little yummy good is hardly a pretty one but it might come in very handy if you know anyone who suffers from urinary tract infections as I do. Over the years I have been semi-successful curing them with cranberry tablets but I recently discovered some capsules by Nature's Bounty that are triple strength and I've been able to stay pain-free and off antibiotics :-)

They are my new best friend!

Happy fall weekend to you all. The foliage this year is incredible. Almost dream-like- and I haven't even left Boston.