January 11, 2014

Is This Love

It's hard to believe it's already January 11th. The thing with the holidays is that it's always a relief to have them over, even though they are kind of fun. It kind of feels like it use to feel when finals were over in college. But then I get tripped up with all the stuff that didn't get done in December.

I will be quick this week. I just read Seth Godin's post on TL;DR, which is an acronym for "Too long; didn't read"- about how we are constantly bombarded by way too much lengthy information. Ain't it the truth.

So I leave you with the above video ( thank you Chrissy), which is wonderfully fluid and a joy to watch.

Also I leave you with this magnet that my business partner gave me and I see every time I open the fridge. It reminds me over and over again to remain positive as we launch our product- as well as a good reminder for anything that we are striving to accomplish in life.

Anxiety really is a waste of time.