January 25, 2014



Maturation: The process of becoming mature: the process of developing in the body or mind : the process of developing to a desired level.

I took my mom to the dentist last week. I asked the dentist if the problem at hand was a typical one of aging. "Yes, of maturation", she said, as she smiled over her glasses.

Wow, I thought. This word pleased me. What a neat way to describe physical aging, beyond say, puberty. Maturation. 

Maturation, like a fine wine.

It's happening, just as its suppose to, all around us, inside and out.

And how much more do most of us like ourselves as we mature than when we were 20? And even 30, 40 and 50.

I must remember to ask my mom if she likes herself more at age 92 than 50.

I'm intrigued with how much we change as we go through maturation. As we continue to balance, re-balance, and ripen.

I'm intrigued with how as our physical youth slips away, our inner emotional and spiritual self grows rich and wise, and forever.

Photo by Franci Strumpher.

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