January 28, 2011

Aging Gracefully With Coaching

This week’s beauty is Liz Blumenthal. Liz is a life coach who helps women take charge of their lives by creating awareness, empowerment, and connection. 

This is what Liz has to share about her life:

After WWII my parents gave me survival advice such as "fit in", "don't be the center of attention", "become the woman behind a man", and "marry a right sort". Growing up things happened that shouldn't have happened. Today I challenge myself to hear myself under the din of past programing.

I worked my way out of depression by taking on challenges such as coaching, empowering women through workshops, and learning new tricks such as creating my website and blogs.  I look for joy and beauty in life, and for something to do and care about. I managed to transform my loneliness into independence. When I am challenged, God sends angels and new friends. Coaching makes me happy because I help people move through tough emotions and show them how that movement can bring empowerment and joy. 

When people find the space between where they are and where they want to go, they can light a spark that carries them to opportunities far beyond their dreams. There are always opportunities just beyond our comfort zone that so many of us don’t take on because we are afraid or we have an inner voice that tells us that we can’t.  But when look beyond our fears and take the leap, we become more alive and more ourselves.

Lines of beauty show up when we get to the essence.  My lines of beauty show where I released fifty-pounds that hid my ability to shine. They are lines from my past grief to lines of incredible joy and opportunity.  

Thank you Liz for an inspiring piece.


  1. Yay, Liz!
    Your friend,

  2. What an opportunity to share your beauty! You all should try it. This is soooo much fun. Liz

  3. Thank you Liz. By the way this is such a beautiful photo of you. Louise

  4. What a beautiful account of Liz's inner light shining through!

    We all need to get past the 'programing' that was placed on us by those who preceded us based on their own beliefs that were passed onto them.

  5. Beauty comes from passion. Liz has passion for life and wants to develop passion in other women who have been trained to be just play nice. Thanks. Liz - Carol

  6. Thank you Liz for reminding us to connect to the essence of who we are, and to not be bound by the past or other people's expectations of us. You are helping to de-condition the world through your coaching!