April 16, 2010

Aging Gracefully With Search for The Truth

Lines Of Beauty's first Beauty of the Week is my dear friend Cindy Weintraub Brennen. We met each other on the swim team when we were just ten-years-old, and have been soul sisters ever since. What I love about Cindy is her sunny disposition, her healthy lifestyle, her good heart, and her search for the truth. I also love her laugh. We usually think the same things are very funny.


  1. Louise,
    Cindy is an Beautiful woman who is aged amazingly!! She is just Gorgeous!! Her Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty blend together so perfectly! It shows through her in all that she gives out into the world! Cindy is a wonderful example of aging ever so gracefully!

  2. yes, Cindy is an aging beauty, for sure!! as are you, dear Louise!! but then, aren't we all?!? that really struck me last summer at our 30th high school reunion---how well the women have aged (much better, I must say, than most of the men!) I, too, have noticed the change in my hands most of all---all those spots!! And my personal foray into the graceful aging is that I've stopped being a slave to my roots & have embraced the grey within...and I love it! Louise---thank you for this!! and, how did I know that someone as thoughtful & talented as you would be the pioneer for us?!? I shoulda known....

  3. Lou, you are so sweet to present me as your first aging "beauty":) We have been through so much fun n' sun, trials and tribulations over the years. As I recall, this pic was taken on our last girlfriend reunion...a beauteous, wondrous time was had by all! And yes, Karen, this was our dinner night out:) The way I look at it, I've earned every one of those lines around my eyes...wait a minute, let me get my glasses because I can't see them now....okay, yep, there they are!! Are we really almost half a century old? Thank God we've made it this far, and believe me, I'm looking forward to the next 50 years!

    Maria and Karen, you are two amazing chickies, in my mind. Growing up with you, Karen, was a blast! Maria, connecting with you on so many levels has been truly Spirit sent...

    I love you, Lou. For all that you are and all that we continue to be to each other in our wonderful aging years to come. And yes, as I look at my hands, they are beautifully spotted:)

  4. If Cynthia is what aging is all about...let me age! I thought all of those spots on my hand were freckles~ (smiling) It is so important to age gracefully without fretting. The lines are lines of wisdom! Great site!!!

  5. Dear Louise, Your newfound passion is well started. "Passion" a nice way to look at it...keeping passionate about all kinds of things certainly helps us keep an unwrinkled heart. Doesn't matter what we look like - more or less- because vanity of all sorts lasts a lifetime. But it does matter what remains in our heart space.