May 28, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Humor

This week's Aging Beauty is Chris who one of my oldest and dearest friends in Boston. She is 60. To her left is one of her oldest and dearest friends Wolf, who is 58. Chris is a talented, and very humorous, writer and artist. Wolf is a musician (and a very kind guy I might add).

What I love about Chrissy’s aging process is that she is doing what she loves. She is very protective of her energy so that she is able to do this. Chris is just naturally gorgeous inside and out, even prettier than her picture. The other night we had dinner and went to see the documentary Babies and once again I kept gazing at her and basking in her beauty. She also has that mid-western kindness, which is as big as the day is long.

Her daughter Cynthia, another aging beauty said, “My mother has always been very mindful of her health and what she puts in her body. She continually educates herself and others on ways to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle. I think what makes my mother even more beautiful, other than her physical attributes, is her sense of humor. I think my mother is even more stunning when she is laughing.”

Here is what Chris has to share about aging gracefully:
  • There's no love like an old love. There is a sweet bond when you still love and trust someone you have history with. If you're lucky, that wonderful connection lasts long beyond what first attracted you to each other in youth. Maybe it's the truest, best love ever.

  • There's a certain calm that claims you when you're older. You see evidence of time's fiendish plan. And by stopping your denial of life's temporal nature and realizing nothing is forever, each day becomes the day you celebrate being here.

  • Today is the youngest I will ever be and it's important to enjoy it. I look into the mirror and instead of lamenting, I admire myself, and recite, "this is the youngest and most beautiful I will ever be." That goes for all my tomorrows too.

Thank you Chris and Cynthia :-)