June 11, 2010

Aging Gracefully by Down-Shifting

This week's Aging Beauty is Ellen Ross ( Ellen Louise Ross) who is 62 years old. Ellen’s 99-year mom and my mom are first cousins. Ellen is also the niece of Arthur who lived to be almost 102. When I was in 3rd grade I very excitedly was Ellen’s flower girl. Ellen is a loving mom to two almost-out-of-the–house boys. She is also a picture of naturalness and wholesomeness, and is an all around wonderful person who I have enjoyed spending time with over the years. I wish I saw her more.

When I first told Ellen about Lines of Beauty she wrote back and said that she is aging gracefully with wrinkles and gray hair- accentuated by putting out teenage fires at the age of 62.

I can relate!

She also wrote: “Things shift at mid-life if we can slow down enough to listen to that small voice within. Slowing down helps to enable us to listen to ourselves, and others as you so aptly referred to in your article about eating. Secondly, look for the positive in any situation and realize that every decade gets better!”

What every decade gets better?

I love this and so far I've found it’s true as well.

Lastly, Ellen recommends Dr. Christiane Northrup’s talk on Hayhouse Radio about the mid-life transition. “Apparently, our real selves and real voices begin to emerge to take care of ourselves", said Ellen.

Our real selves and real voices begin to emerge to take care of ourselves.

This is very important thing to remember and listen to I’d say.

It’s very comforting actually.

Thank you Ellen for sharing your great insights. XO