June 04, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Forgiveness

This week's Aging Beauty is my friend Adrian Leone who is 44 years old, or young, as she says. Adrian is down-to-earth, smart, sweet, and a beauty. Her perspective, and the thoughtful questions she asks, always intrigue me. When I first emailed Adrian to tell her about Lines of Beauty she wrote back and said, “I am totally with you (with my veiny, dry and cracked hands – which I sort of love). Bring on the aging – I welcome it, aspire to it and hope for it.”

Here are more of Adrian’s words of wisdom for aging gracefully:

  • I strive for forgiveness – of myself and others – every day. Yes, it is super challenging some days.
  • I am a firm believer in outdoor time – walking or biking on the bike path. I never listen to music because I love to experience the early morning quiet and listen to the sounds of nature.
  • I love to cook nourishing, vegetable rich meals.
Adrian has been laid up recently on crutches with a broken ankle and unable of course to do many of the things she loves. She says that she could definitely be handling it more gracefully but the good news is that it will pass!

A good thing to keep in mind for all of us when we encounter hard times don’t you think?

Thanks so much Adrian for your contribution.