August 03, 2010

Our Sex Lives and Aging

It's been such a busy summer that I haven’t yet been able to read The Beauty of Aging- A Women’s Guide to Joyful Living but I was able to visit author Angela Paul’s website and was inspired with many things the fifty-five year old author, model, and life coach had to share in her video about growing older. Angela is married to Alan Paul from the forty-year-old band Manhattan Transfer.

Some of Angela's words of wisdom are:

  • Don’t get caught up in the media’s perspective of what beauty is suppose to be about. Everything we see is just an illusion.
  • Focus on yourself from the inside out.
  • Have a good sense of yourself.
  • Meditation and silence are very important.
  •  And so is sleep. Take time to rest when we're tired.
But here is the best thing which echoes what Christiane Northrup says in Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom:

  • Sex is even more important as we age. Sex is key to good health emotionally and mentally, but a good sex life is also very important for us physically even into our 80's.
Good news don't you think?

Great to know that orgasms are right in there with eating well, exercising, and getting a good nights sleep :-)

Be sure to check out Angela’s 50 tips for aging beautifully when you have a minute here.