August 23, 2010

The Sweet Stuff

There isn’t anything I like more than a chocolate chip cookie, or a sundae, or a decadent brownie. I am one of those people who goes for sweets in a heartbeat. Which is a bit of a problem I’m realizing as growing research is pointing to the many health problems caused by eating too much sugar.

Sugar, among other things, causes inflammation and joint pain. Having learned this I've started to take note of how I feel the morning after going to a party, for instance, where I've had more sugary sweets and wine-which is also high in sugar. What I am finding is that the next morning I ache when I get out of bed- especially my feet. I can also feel the inflammation sometimes in my hips, and my hands when I make a fist.

However, being a proponent of eating what you love- I wouldn’t want to eliminate sugar from my diet entirely. But, I have for the most part, started to eat much smaller quantities of it.  I am even able to keep to a “3 bite rule” most of the time. Doing this really helps my joint pain if not all but eliminates it and I have to say that it’s amazing how satisfying three bites of something sweet can be when you know it’s all you are going to eat of it.

Anyway, I am here to say that in terms of aging gracefully, sugar is nasty stuff.  The more you eat it, the more your body craves it, and the stiffer you are probably going to feel. 

So, if you want to feel like a rusty old bike...

Eat lots of sugar :-)

 Photo by Justin Johnson