September 03, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Love

This week’s Beauty of the Week is Irene who is 91 years old.  Irene is an old family friend who is as dear as the day is long.  I was particularly curious of course to find out how someone her age can look so great and be so sharp.  She said that her mother, who was from England of "hardy country stock" took care of her youngest grand-baby at the age of 93. It is plain to see that Irene is another example of the apple not falling too far from the tree.  When I visited Irene she was dressed in shorts and flats and was still very agile and fit for her age. She showed me that with a quick rock in her chair- she is able to stand up easily :-)

Irene said that what keeps her young and healthy is her love & enjoyment of family, friends, and neighbors.  She said that her mom use to say, “You are whatever your neighbors think of you.” Irene clearly adores her three grown boys, and their wives, and all of her grandchildren.  She even had framed photos of her neighbor’s children in her home.

When I asked Irene about exercise and nutrition I was surprised to hear that she has never exercised a day in her life AND that she enjoys a cocoa cola and candy bar for breakfast!  This sure shoots a hole in all the stats on healthy living! Here is another of her health-tips: since 1970 she has enjoyed two glasses of wine every night at 9PM. With all the heart problems in my family this is one tip that I think I can safely follow.  Irene said that she has never smoked, and only drinks one cup of coffee a day.  In addition to her connection with people, Irene has also brought enjoyment to her life by playing bridge, doing cross-stitch & sewing, going to church, and buying gifts for all the people that she loves.

Irene also shared this interesting article by Boston columnist Robert Powell called Follow Your Personal Path to a Good Life. 

Irene, sweetheart, thank you for being our Aging Beauty this week. I loved seeing you and your wonderful husband again, and enjoyed hearing all that you had to share about your life. xoxo


  1. Louisa - my first time ever posting to a blog! What a cool lady. Love the observation that she displays photos of her neighbor's kids in the house. That's a person whose heart is filled with love. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Louise,

    As soon as I saw Irene's pic, I thought to myself....."there is a true beauty"!

    I love that she has a candy bar and drinks a coca cola for breakfast and that she has never exercised a day in her life!

    This says to me that Irene doesn't worry about the hoopla that society places on nutrition and exercise.

    I feel that exercise and a healthy diet is good but Only if the person is relaxed about the way they view them.

    If one worries about it constantly then they will create added stress about what is so natural.

    Eating and moving our bodies.

    I am with Irene, I eat what I like and have no real exercise regime.
    I just go with the flow of life and do what feels right to me energetically.

    Great blog Louise!


  3. I keep wishing I had asked Irene why she waits until 9PM to have her wine :-)