October 05, 2010

New For Fall

With cooler air arriving for most of us, I thought a quick glimpse into the fashion trends for fall 2010 might be timely.

Being a lover of knitwear, I am always curious to see what is new and exciting each season. Fashion is a great way to embrace aging, as many women really begin to understand their personal style.

And it's fun!

Plus, the other great thing, especially this year, is that we can sometimes recycle pieces from our closets from years past that have come into vogue again & just need to be reworked a bit.

So what’s hot for fall 2010?

  • Bold colors: Red, purple, blue, and olive (and also camel).  Scared of bold colors? Try pairing them with a neutral.

  • 50s silhouettes, classics like capes and ponchos, pattern mixing, faux fur, military looks, sweater dresses (oh la la), menswear inspired belted jackets, velvet and velour, sleek turtlenecks, wide legged pants with volume, and shimmer for daytime and sparkle for night.  Also layering is still big which is helpful in covering lumps and bumps. And guess what else?  Long skirts are coming back (great for covering the veins in my legs :-0 ).

I always like to see what Michelle Obama has been wearing and thought you might enjoy this slideshow.

Also, I have two very good books on style to introduce you to and a video clip below this post from Marie Claire about fall fashion trends with Tim Gunn.

I got these from my local library:

  •  Kendall Farr's Style Evolution- How to create an ageless personal style in your 40s and beyond.



  1. Nice post. The sidshow of our first Lady was great! Michelle Obama is a "natural" woman, wife and mother. She never puts on airs.

  2. Thanks for the fall tips. I really like legging! Michelle Obama doesn't always have a fashion hit, but I love her style!

  3. Love this Louise!

    I love camel and olive color as well as wide legged pants and ponchos.
    I just never go shopping...lol!
    I think you inspired me to buy some new fall things to spice up life and celebrate my age of 48!
    I love Michelle Obama!
    She is a beauty and down to earth!
    She always looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing!
    I totally agree with Barbara that she never puts on airs!
    Thank you Louise for this fun post of style!
    Love ya,