December 24, 2010

Merry Almost Christmas

I promised myself I wouldn't post this week until all the hunting and gathering was done for Christmas. Which it is, but yesterday I had to cut the cord with the outside world and force myself not go on the computer, or pick up the phone, or all hell would break loose.

You know how it is- you go on to check your email quickly and two hours later you're still on here and NOTHING has gotten done. Grrrr....


Kind of blurry, last minute photographs...

Yesterday the gifts were finally all bought and the pantry was stocked for our twelve weekend guests to arrive for Christmas Eve and I got to do what I consider the most fun: wrapping gifts & setting the table.


Then last night we went to the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker which I hadn't seen since their million dollar make-over years ago. It was beautiful. A whole new symphony of Christmas cheer and merriment.

I still have some last minute things to finish making, as usual. And it's time to start cooking....but, I wanted to take a minute away from all the elfing to wish those of you celebrating this weekend a very Merry Christmas.

Thanks to Carolyn for sending in this holiday video.  It's one of those flash mob scenes like the one that was made in Grand Central Station a few years ago that was so good.

This one ushers in the true spirit of the season.

All my best to you and yours,