February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Photo by Hannah Chapman   UK

Thanks to so many of you for your birthday wishes yesterday.  I am officially 50 and so far liking it. I hope I feel the same about 60, although I hear that 60 can be a bit hard? Well, as my mom would say- I'll cross that bridge when I (hopefully) get to it.

I celebrated my 50th a week early with a very fun Valentine rock & roll dance party. Because I was born on the 13th so close to Valentine's Day I have been completely taken with it my whole life. It was celebrated some years with a Valentine's party to mark the day, and by my older sister Sarah always making me a heart shaped birthday cake.

I found so many cool things to post for today I couldn't decide which to go with. I've heard that many people crave intimacy more as they grow older and also that the most intimate thing to do with someone (at least physically) is kissing, because of all the nerve endings in our lips. So with this in mind I found this entertaining video on kissing. 

Personally, I think the most intimate thing to do is to make out while slow dancing :-)  Ooh la la.

Also, for all you fellow romance lovers out there here's a great clip of Casablanca with Frank Sinatra's As Time Goes By

The simple elegance & romance of the 1940s is so darn delicious...

Plus who can resist Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman?