March 02, 2011

The Beauty of Gardening

Have you been dreaming about gardening again like I have?

The thought of it seems so wonderful this time of year, especially after this long, cold, harsh winter.

Up until now I've only dipped a toe or two into the oasis of gardening, but I look forward to it being a more prominent pastime as life goes on.

Photo by David Stern      Sydney, Australia

After my Dad retired I remember him saying that he had heard that the key to happiness, besides having your health, is to have someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to. I think this is very true.

This week when I read about Eunice Wickstrom, who is 97 years old, she made me think about what my Dad had said. Eunice has had a lifelong love of gardening. Her garden not only provides her plenty of nutritious food that she incorporates into her homemade meals, but it also helps her physical pain from mild rheumatism, and helps relieve the stresses of everyday life.

“I go out in my garden and dig when I’m feeling rotten and soon I feel like a million bucks," she says.

Photo by Christa Richert    Berlin, Germany

At 97 years-of-age, Eunice doesn't have to take any medications. She is still very self sufficient and drives her own car to do errands and she doesn’t even nap during the day! She says that gardening helps to keep herself strong and happy.

Eunice has been a widow for twenty years but for the last thirty she has volunteered at a food bank and donated extra produce from her garden to those who are less fortunate.

“Just get out of bed every day and do something useful for other people,” she says.

Photo by Florin Garoi       Bucharest, Romania

Sounds like a recipe for happiness to me.