June 21, 2011

Start a Revelation

Photo by Nevit Dilmen, Turkey

Write yourself a love letter
Treat yourself with respect
Give yourself the benefit of the doubt
Ease up
Find your belly laugh
Say “NO” to any person who hurts you
Explore your inner world
Dare to share an insight
Hell, dare to have one
Speak your truth
Cry it out
Save a horse
Ride a cowboy
Be your own best friend
Reach out to those who love you
Let good people IN
Forgive so you can heal
Start a Journal
Sign up
Show up
Pony up
Woman up
It’s YOUR life
Live It among those
who are up
to something

~Monica Rodgers, The Revelation Project

Be sure to catch former beauty of the week Medelise Reifsteck's very inspirational interview about her journey back to health right here.

And happy first day of summer!

P.S. And don't forget to be your own best friend this week and every week. As Sophie Lumen says:

Say it to yourself. Remind me to do the same.

I love that.