August 02, 2011

Passing Inspection

A few years ago I had an old car. It was starting to fall apart, but I was hesitant to get a new one because my kids were learning to drive. So I waited, and waited, and when I went for my new inspection sticker I held my breath. And. then. one. year. I. didn't. pass. Too much rust. It was relatively easy to fix though- I just went and got a new car.

A few months ago I went for my annual inspection with my doctor. I posted a few weeks ago about how a warning light went on with my vitamin D levels. I then went for a mammogram, and I have my first colonoscopy scheduled for today (yuck).

I also recently had a bone density test which. I. failed. Bad news. I have -3.2 bone loss in my spine which is not just mild osteopenia, but full blown osteoporosis...


So I can suddenly see where this 'aging gracefully' thing is going dear readers. Failing vision, poor memory, and occasional achy hips have been minor things to contend with and I knew it. The more serious signs of aging just hadn't started to hit me until now. The odd thing is that I feel better, from swimming and lower stress levels, then I ever have. I feel terrific, but the test results are telling a different story.

The test results are saying: 'You can't always judge a book by it's cover.'

Last week the endocrinologist told me that swimming isn't doing me a bit of good in the osteoporosis department. I need to be doing weight bearing activity- running! walking! dancing! light weights!


I thought swimming was going to carry me into old age. I thought I had a plan. You're screwing with my plan dear doctor :-(

Anyway, this is the 2nd time that my body has failed me and it's kind of a bummer...

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  1. Swimming is going to carry you! It's just going to be joined by some weight bearing goodness. And really? Nothing is more fun than lifting weights. Well, ok, maybe for you it's swimming, but lifting weights makes me feel like the world's most amazing bad ass.

    Health issues suck. I'm so sorry. But I am not sorry that you are swimming again, feeling great and generally kicking ass at life. :)

  2. Dear bad ass girl out there in California, Thank you for your lovin'! xoxo