March 29, 2012

Aging Gracefully in Song

This week's beauty is Dr. Lynn Schriner who is 57 years old. In college she toured with the rock band Dame around Europe and afterward was critically injured by a pesticide poisoning in a city park. She has since struggled with health problems stemming from the incident, which inspired her to become a naturopathic doctor and help people with their own health challenges.

In 2001 Lynn started the Music for Orphans Project in the Sudan. They have now funded the drilling of 8 water wells and fed over 4000 kids. 
Lynn is a cancer survivor and has survived 7 car accidents, a lightning strike, a brown recluse spider bite and a brutal rape in 1988. Married for 16 years she lives on Trolley Farm in Colorado where she has a spa. She is also the author of the book Bent, Not Broken and recently released a music CD titled Amazed.

I am happy to share Lynn's thoughts with you on growing older:

"When I was young, I heard whistles on the street, I was outwardly beautiful and inwardly fragile. Now that I am older I hear music in my soul, I am outwardly a smile and inwardly a song.

There is nothing but lines on this face called "Ma'm" But the lines go up. The laughter caused the crinkles in the corners of my eyes, There have been tears, enough to have a beach in heaven, but there is joy in the marrow of my soul.
Yes, I am older but I have out lived the cancer, and the loss of my baby, and the betrayal, and the heartache, and still I will see the beauty of the moon.

I will understand the undertow and swim strong against the currents but I will let the current take me out to sea without fear if I chose to. I will keep my hand open and my fists unclenched, because I have learned that gifts come. I will keep my peace rather than speak words better left unspoken because I have learned that I do not have every answer for the universe and I am quite small under the skies of heaven and that is okay.

I will not be ashamed of my red rimmed eyes because they have seen life and are still looking for the grace. I will be a voice for the weak, and a thorn in the side of injustice, and I will not be afraid.

This is the joy of my lines. This is the joy of the lost power of youth. My strength in aging comes from the joy of giving. It will be my battle cry.

Thank you so much for being this week's beauty Lynn.

I love your song I'm Just a Girl."


  1. Such strength, joy and love. I feel like we are sisters.

    Inspiring. I must have your book and CD. Just looked at your blog and I too, am amazed.

  2. Thank you Kass. Like yourself,Lynn is truly a woman with great depth, creativity, and love.

  3. Dear ladies: I too feel like I found some kindred hearts! What a treasure!

  4. Wow, what an inspiration. To have been through so many challenges and come forward with such a positive attitude. Thank you for sharing this lovely and talented lady's story.

  5. This is a beautiful article about a beautiful woman. Truly an inspiration! I love you, Lynn! Lisa :-)

  6. What can I say? I feel so close to Lynn in so many ways and have come to know some of the deep "heart" stories that have shaped this life of beauty. As we age, sometimes we grow weary, but like a flower in bloom, we once again rebound to greatness, because that is the woman we have become. It is in these challenges of life that we grow, and recapture the fire and light that has become us. I am so pleased that you have chosen Lynn for your March 29th 2012 Beauty! What a wonderful honor. Lynn has much to give and I too, love her song "I'm Just A Girl", I think it will be a big hit with all the ladies who hear it. Her album Amazed is one of my very favorites. If you don't have it yet, please get it and enjoy the heart that created it, for such a worthy cause. The song written for the Orphans will bless your heart.

  7. Lynn is a compassionate, caring, fiery, courageous person whose story is a true testimony to faith and redemption. She pours her heart out into whatever she does, whether it is writing, music,growing a garden or a community... or any of the other paths she has followed in the living of her life. She is by nature and by choice a healer and a giver. Her gifts are special in that they give voice to that which might otherwise remain unexpressed in all of us. To hear her music, read her words, and sit at her kitchen table, is to be touched deeply, and profoundly changed. She is, in a word, a blessing. I love you Lynn. Always have; always will.

  8. Hi Louise. I can't find a contact link, so I'll write to you here. I have a blog called, "Aging and Longevity" and I am going to blog about Lines of Beauty. You will be featured in my post tomorrow (Sun. April 1).
    Thanks Louise for being such a great inspiration to all.
    Angela Gentile

  9. Very inspiring and accomplished woman! Beautiful writing.