August 09, 2013

One Taste

"One taste" is a Buddhist expression. Just as the ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so does the taste of liberation. The taste of truth.

Early in June I posted about the Tantra workshop that Tom and I did for our 25th anniversary. My 91-year-old mom was recently reading Lines of Beauty and mentioned that she had read the post. She was curious if anyone had contacted me about it. I said that they had not. I said that I knew that I was sticking my neck out a little on the post, and perhaps I lost a few readers with my honesty. I also assured her that Tantra is an age old practice that originated in medieval India and reassured her that Tom and I have a committed relationship with each other.

I also explained that the topic of sex is no longer a taboo one. In fact it has sadly gone to another extreme I feel with the younger generation.

But at the heart of this subject is a very natural, healthy, wonderful thing, and as Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste, says in the TEDx video below, many women are hungry for something they can't quite reach. They work too hard, eat too much, diet too much, drink too much, shop too much, and give too much. The western women's mantra she calls it.

A sense of hunger that can't seem to be touched.

Without explaining any more, have a listen to this when you are folding laundry, or driving in the car.

I doubt you will be bored or wish that you hadn't.