February 12, 2014

Lovely Little Things

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day. What better way to occupy ourselves amidst this long, bloody cold winter!

I've been trying to keep the mojo going making cards and crafting, whilst watching the Olympics. If you aren't a card maker, or are short on time, Paperless Post has some sweet ones to email your valentines for short money ( and even some free ones). I especially have a passion for the texture of letterpress and am going to change this one into a Valentine.

Canadian designer, Mags Kandis, has written a great book called Gifted, that is chock full of 30+ great ideas to knit, crochet, and felt all year long.

And Valentine's wouldn't be Valentine's if we didn't have a little romance would it? Thank you to Caroline for sending this clip along. I love it. It's from the New York Time's Modern Love column and it's titled Falling In Love At 71.

Two minutes of optimistic sweetness.


Happy Valentine's to you my dear readers. As I begin a new year, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you, and how much I continue to love having Lines of Beauty.