April 07, 2014

Cycle of Life

Photo by Gerald Gribbon

Every time I see this photo by Gerald Gribbon on my Pinterest account, her beauty stops me in my tracks.

The sparkle in her eyes, her smile, the warmth she alludes. Her colors.

All I know of her is that she is from Phuket, Thailand, but I yearn to know more.

Where is she in the cycle of life?, I wonder.

If we think of the cycle of life like it's the face of a clock- twelve o'clock being our birth-  is she at 10:00 o'clock, with many many more moons still before her perhaps?  Or is she just a few strokes before midnight maybe, with only a birthday or two left before she passes?

My mama fell this past week while standing in the bathroom, trying to take off her sock. She broke the wrist she writes with and is more handicapped then she has ever been. It's been a hard week for both of us, but especially for her of course. I am noticing the instant intimacy that is created with someone when there is adversity. I'm having flash-backs of her by my side when I had my tonsils out in kindergarten, or the flu when I was young. Always a wonderful caretaker she was.

It's been a responsibility to have her close-by the last few years, but also, what a gift.

Such a very rich gift.
Her optimism, strength, and love for the simple things in life, inspires me endlessly.