January 18, 2015

For Every Girl

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Lines of Beauty will be 5-years-old in April. I can't believe it actually. As some of you know, I started this blog because I went in search of support on aging naturally and couldn't find one.

For so long when I googled "blog on aging gracefully", Lines of Beauty was showing up at the bottom of page one, if not on page two, in search results.

I've thought to myself, "How can I encourage women to age naturally and enjoy the process when I'm not even showing up in the first few results in a google search?"

Well the good news is...

Lines of Beauty has recently reached the very tippy-top :-)

Amen, halleluiah!

Honestly, this is more rewarding to me than doing well in a swim meet.

I saw the poster here on my niece's dorm wall when I visited her at Sterling College in Vermont. If you know someone, young or old, who is looking for a small, alternative, very earthy college experience, I highly recommend Sterling. Their tagline is "Working hands, Working minds."

"For every man struggling not to let advertising dictate his desires, there is a woman facing the ad industry's attacks on her self-esteem."

My hunch is that women face the larger struggle.

Gosh did I ever love my Suzy Homemaker easy bake oven but I can still remember what the inside smelled like when the light bulb got cake mix on it...

Maybe you can too.

Anyway, thank you dear readers for visiting Lines of Beauty and helping it to grow.

I clearly couldn't have done it without you.



  1. Happy Anniversary, my friend! It's always a joy to find you in my "inbox". I know I will come away with something good to make me think and smile. Thank you! Love this poster! Hope to see you soon??? xoxo

    1. Terry Lee it makes me happy to hear this. I really want to gather with you and Juliet and was hoping to do it in January but I think it will have to be in Feb unfortunately with all that is going on. Let me know what weekend is good for you and we can make a plan. With love as always, Louise

  2. Thank you, dear Louise, for reaching out to al your sisters and offering them positive information and lots of love. Congratulations on 5 years!!!

  3. Thank you boggle the clown. I love your artwork.

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