October 10, 2015

When the Wheels Fall Off

1000 Figs
Last weekend we went to a wonderous family wedding in New Orleans. My nephew and his bride own the restaurant 1000 Figs and the food truck The Fat Falafel. Their wedding hit the top tier of all weddings that I've ever attended in terms of creativity, fun, and of course, great food.

The merriment was, as it frequently is, way too short.

We returned to the craziness and realities of regular life. I am knee deep in a corporate knitwear design project, which is really fun, but in other areas of life, it feels kind of like the wheels are falling off the bus.

Mid-week we received the news that dear friends of ours lost their son to his long, courageous fight with brain cancer. He was not even 30.

The same day we learned that our much beloved tantra coach, Steve Carter, was murdered on a hiking trail while walking his dog in Marin Country. He and his dog were shot by 3 kids who then stole his car. Luckily, they were caught on video getting gas not too far away and were apprehended in Portland with the aid of the GPS in the car. To add to this, in July, Steve's wife, Lokita, was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of breast cancer and is fighting for her life. If this isn't enough, their tantra yoga retreat center burned to the ground last month in the forest fires.

I awoke on Thursday morning at 5am sobbing, like I have not, since my father died 14 years ago.

I am struck with a deep deep sadness, but also with how quickly, life can change on a dime.


  1. Oh Louise I am so sorry for your losses . How sad for your friends to lose a child. And your other friend to have been murdered ,his poor wife . There is nothing I can say to help other than you are all in my thought's & prayers ..
    {{hugs}} & <3 my friend xoxox

  2. no words can work the magic needed to soothe the pain of these horrific incidents. Life too often harbors surpises we do not want to experience.. I am so very sorry for the devastation that has been experienced and pray that somehow the future brings with it experiences that soothe andd comfort all.

  3. Dear Louise, I am so sorry for your losses and wish there was something I could do in your time of grieving. There's a saying that life never gives us more than we can handle, although what you are going through sounds horrific. Take care of yourself. <>

  4. I am sending you a tsunami of love and Light as you grieve and heal, with grace xoxoxo


  5. Thank you Debbi, Sylvia, Angela and Marci for your support. It always feels good, but especially during hard times. xo