October 31, 2016


The two emotions that mess us up the most are fear and anger.

We can't be grateful and fearful at the same time, as we cannot be grateful and angry simultaneously.

But what can we find in fear and anger?

This I know- there is a lot to be learned in times of struggle.

We just need to be patience with ourselves, to get to the other side, so that we can see it.

With the election now within arms reach and so much uncertainly and fear in the air-

what can we do to nourish ourselves?

How do we step outside our heads and breath in optimism and gratitude?

How do we nurture ourselves with more nourishing thoughts?

We can't change the chaos in the world but we can change what we listen to and reroute the thoughts in our heads. Change the channel, as I like to say.

We can change who we are in the midst of chaos.

So today, I turn to gratitude and creativity.

Today I choose health and happiness.

Today, I choose love.


  1. We've just had our own earth-shaking political changes in the UK, and many people wrote about the solace they found in nature after their despair with the politics of the world today. Especially in this beautiful autumnal season, there is great comfort to be found in the natural world. May it sustain you too.

  2. Thank you Kaydeerouge. Yes nature! The magical elixir for the soul. Thanks for reminding me and thank you for your comment! Louise