January 31, 2017

When A Wall Comes Down

In honor of my floral loving friend, Liz
I've been flattened this week with some very sad news. This past Thursday morning I lost my dear friend Liz, who was my longtime walking buddy. She died very suddenly from complications of the flu/asthma.

When I say that she was a very kind and loving person it doesn't come close to describing her fully.

Why is it that I opened my phone to text her the day before she died, actually put her name in, got interrupted with a phone call and never got back to it?

I would have known perhaps how sick she was. I could have helped.

Why is it that she drove herself to the emergency room on Wednesday night and it was too crowded, so she decided to try again in the morning?

Eight hours later, in the middle of the night, it was too late.

Why is that this human was so prominent in my life, and yet, I have not one selfie of us together?

As my one of my daughters said, maybe this is beautiful thing.

That maybe we were experiencing more important things together than capturing a moment.

As I prepare for her funeral tomorrow, I am writing a short tribute to share.

Hold your friends dearly. We never know when they are going to slip away.

With love,


  1. Oh Lou, I am so so sorry. Sending Angel Love to you and Liz. Life can be so fleeting. You were blessed to have her in your life, if even for a short time. xoxo

  2. So very sad. The memories will always be with you. Hold your friends dearly, indeed. xo

  3. Thank you for your comments Cynthia and Marjorie and to everyone else who has called or emailed. It has helped me navigate the rocky road. I will always hold her memories close but am sad too that my memories with her are done being made.