May 31, 2017

Love & Light

My mama turned 95 in January and I've been wanting to post this video of us singing happy birthday to her ever since. It was a fun celebration, with all 5 of her kids and spouses and many of her grandchildren. The perfect size for someone with growing memory problems. One of the things that we did to honor her was to all wear her favorite color (purple). She also requested that we all wear name tags to make things a little easier for her. We put one on her too, as you will see in the video :-)

I've wanted to post this because not only is it funny but it shows her continuing love of life and sense of humor, even in the adversity of losing her memory.  You'll see what I mean at the end of it.

Love and light cracks open the darker spaces, always.

Sending both to you,

Untitled from Lines of Beauty on Vimeo.