July 08, 2017

Happy Full Moon

"It’s impossible to account for the kind of wealth that self-knowledge produces. It’s something that never leaves us. Something that no situation can take from us. Something that we have to earn through intense effort. 

Self-knowledge doesn’t come from the pretty pictures that we post. It doesn’t come from presenting what is pleasing. It doesn’t come from the platitudes that crumble in our hands when we need something real to hold onto. 

Cures come from the most curious sources.

Seek out the ones that you need in this moment. Seek out what keeps you grounded. Seek out the spaces and places that allow you to take a break. Seek out what helps you to make use of your struggles and what gives your more painful experiences a meaningful context. 

There is always more to learn about ourselves. More to uncover. More to empty out. More to make peace with. Your ability to accompany yourself on this transformational journey is fundamental to your well-being. Your ability to tend to the less glamorous aspects of your life can keep you on track. Your ability to keep up with the metaphorical and literal chores can make a world of difference. Sometimes self-care is excruciatingly boring but doing those menial tasks can be undeniably healing."

By Chani Nicholas ( who writes the most incredibly delicious astrology)
Happy full moon my friends and family,