August 17, 2017

And So It Is

I've been struggling lately with the world dragging me by the hand.

I bet some of you can relate.

It seems that the only remedy recently for me is to get out in nature, write in my journal or slip under water and swim. So many concerns and details swirling around me.

In my life I have loved ones being challenged. One in each area of the body, mind and spirit. I'm trying like the dickens to not let their struggles be my struggle but when you love someone it's hard to do. I keep reminding myself that we are all on different journeys.

Getting involved with someone elses's journey is like picking up someone else's knitting project, painting on their canvas or eating off their plate.

It's easy for me to not turn on the news and ignore all the concern about North Korea and the culture war that is happening at the University of Virginia. This is one of the biggest gifts to myself perhaps.

I think that the best thing for anyone to do is to detach with love and keep doing what we brings us pleasure and take very good care of our body, mind and spirit.

And also remember that almost all things shall pass.

Hope you're all having a good week.

With love and light,